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Indian Squash Professionals
Registration No: 25 of companies act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956)

About us: The only non-profit making sports NGO in India.
Indian Squash professionals (ISP) is a Non-Profit making Organization, formed in 1993, with the sole aim of promoting squash in India.  The idea of forming ISP was born in 1993 by its Founder Director, Mahendra Agarwal. It was in January 1993 that we first had first ever squash tournament (since 1947) only for the Professionals or 'markers' as they are known in India.

From January 1993 till date, we have organized 57 tournaments, 16 free coaching camps all over India, adopted 4 players, are publishing India's Leading squash magazine "PROSQUASH" which is being distributed to 3000 squash players & read by 15000 squash lovers throughout the country at no cost.  In October 2003, we imported for the 1st time in India a Squash Boaster Machine from England.

We also have our own website  which is the only active squash website in India, updated daily. ISP was instrumental in introducing Jahangir Khan's (legendary and former world no 1) coach Rahmat Khan to Indian Squash. He conducted two camps for ISP and also introduced Abdul Shaikh (squash coach from Canada).

ISP is the only Non Government Organisation (NGO) in any sports in India.
Vision: To produce a world squash champion from India
Mission: Create a Squash Culture in India

Free Circulation Of India's leading squash magazine "PROSQUASH"
Adopting talented young players and further preparing them for tournaments at National and International levels
Free squash coaching camps at newly built squash courts at housing societies and clubs all over India
In-house information of any squash happenings throughout the world through our website

Provide a good infrastructure for squash champions
The financial conditions of  squash professionals have been improving day-by-day due to squash awareness
With our Squash Awareness Clinic (10 days free coaching camp) more than 750 squash beginners will be trained free of cost
Free circulation of India's quarterly published squash magazine "Prosquash" to 3000 squash players

List of Tournaments till date:
1. Monarch-Mudra's 1st Pro Masters (Otters Club)     22nd Jan 1993
2. Monarch and Mudra's Suburban Tournament (at The Leela)     1st May 1993
3. Transworlds Twin championship (CCI)    31st May 1993
4. The Leela & Oberoi's handicap tournament (The Leela)     1st Dec 1993
5. The Leela - Monarch doubles (The Leela)     1st May 1994
6. The Leela & Kanakia's handicap squash (The Leela)    9th Sept 1994
7. Monarch-Haveli 2nd Pro Masters (Otters Club)    31st Oct 1994
8. Jindal's Pro Masters (Willingdon Sports Club)     24th Jan 1995
9. Monarch Group Doubles Squash (Khar Gymkhana)     27th Mar 1995
10. Haveli-Hyabs one-day tournament (Khar Gymkhana)     30th Mar 1995
11. The Leela President's Cup (The Leela)     23rd Apr 1995
12. Monarch - Ovenfresh handicap team event (Khar Gymkhana)    30th July 1995
13. Kanakia-Monarch Top-16 (Khar Gymkhana)    30th July 1995
14. Monarch-Continental, Khar Gym Open (Khar Gymkhana)     15th Oct 1995
15. S. K. Pro & doubles squash tournament (Khar Gymkhana)     15th Jan 1996
16 Continental-Monarch, Club Aquaria tournament (Club Aquaria)    1st Aug 1996
17. Monarch-Haveli Continental handicap team event (various clubs)    15th Aug 1996
18. Monarch-Continental handicap doubles (various clubs)    30th Oct 1996
19. The Leela Squash Spectacular (The Leela)    22nd Jan 1997
20. Dewan Housing Squash Challenge (Otters Club)     24th Mar 1997
21. Videocon Squash Classic (Otters Club)     29th Jun 1997
22. Body Scape Corporate squash (Hotel Resort)    24th Aug 1997
23. Jindal's Handicap team event (Jindal Recreation, Thane)    31st Aug 1997
24. The Leela-Switchers masters (The Leela)    19th Dec 1997
25. ISP-Mukesh Babu Group Satellite (Otters Club)     16th Feb 1998
26. Dewan Housing Classic    9th Aug 1998
27. Royal Palms Handicap Squash tournament     1st Nov 1998
28. Navi Mumbai Squash Spectacular     26th June 1999
29. Jindal Invitation Cup (Handicap eam event)     4th July 1999
30. Switcher - The Leela Top 8 Men/Women/Junior     25th Feb 2000
31. Kanchan Pro Master (Professionals & Doubles)     1st Apr 2000
32. Kolhapur Open Squash (Handicap team event, doubles & Open)    7th Apr 2000
33. Wiilingdon Handicap Team Event Championship     30th Apr 2000
34. The Leela-Switcher-Monarch Doubles & Team Handicap event     16th July 2000
35. Khar Gymkhana West Zone Inter-School/Jr.College Squash     6th Aug 2000
36. Marquis Resort-Juhu Centaur Double Squash     13th Jan 2001
37. Jindal Handicap team event     25th Feb 2001
38. Switcher-The Leela Squash Masters     30th Apr 2001
39. Khar Gymkhana West Zone Inter School/Jr. College Squash     1st Sept 2001
40. Mid-Day Squash League (Doubles Handicap Event)    18th Oct 2001
41. ISP-Juhu Centaur Doubles Handicap Squash Tournament     12th May 2002
42. THE LEELA - ISP SQUASH MASTERS (Handicap team event)     14th July 2002
43. Khar Gymkhana - Orix West Zone Inter-School/College Squash     12th Aug 2002
44. The Leela - ISP Squash Classic (Handicap Team Event)     18th May 2003
45. Khar Gymkhana-ISP Open Doubles Squash (Handicap)     30th May 2003
46. Tulipstar - ISP Doubles Squash (Mens Top 8 by Invitation)     12th June 2003
47 Herald Maritime Services Squash Open     5th July 2003
48 Khar Gymkhana - ISP Mumbai Open Doubles Squash     19th Nov 2003
49 Club Prana Spa & Fitness Center & ISP Double Squash    23rd Nov 2003
50 Khar Gymkhana - ISP Golden Jubilee Squash     1st Feb 2004
51 Club Prana Spa & ISP Double Squash Tournament     22nd Feb 2004
52 Transworld & NMSA Squash Handicap Team Championship     14th Mar 2004
53 Tulipstar  - ISP Doubles Squash (Mens Top-16 & Handicap Event)     4th April 2004
54 Leela - ISP Squash Classic (Handicap Team Event)    25th July 2004
55 Herald Maritime Services Squash Open 2004     31st July 2004
56 SSMSA InterSchool Squash Championship    29th August

List of free squash coaching camps:
1 Acres Club, Chembur
2 Oberoi Garden Hsng. Soc., Kandivli
3 Ghatkopar Jolly Gymkhana
4 Goregaon Sports Club
5 Renaissance Club, Andheri
6 KVSC/ Poinsar Gymkhana
7 Classique Club, Andheri
8 Chaitanya Tower, Prabhadevi
9 Umed Club, Jodhpur

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: We organize squash tournaments, camps. We publish Indias leading squash magazine "Prosquash". Daily update of our website
How can you work with others?
- Corporates: Organizing a squash tournament or squash-coaching camps for them.
- Sponsors: Donation, Sponsorship Fees are exempted under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961 by order No. DIT(E) MC/80-G/475/2003/2003-04.
- Other NGOs: Donate some amount of the entry fee to the NGO's working for society's good cause.
- Govt:Build squash courts on the government reserved plot on B.O.T bases where it's a win-win situation for both parties wherein our players as well as their players can utilize the squash court at its best.  
If they want to visit you?: yes
Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?:yes
Yearly Budget: Rs. 5 lacs
Revenue Sources: donation, advertisement, sponsorship
Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs. 10 lacs annually

full time: 3
part time: 5
volunteers: 10

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes
Donation possibilities: 

Contact Details:
Indian Squash Professionals - ISP
2 monarch chambers, marol maroshi rd, andheri e, mumbai 400059
Phone: 28528444/28528445 (11am to 6pm)   Fax: 28525589     email:    website:
Karmayogis: khyati / vidya