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NGO: Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai/ Suburbs (IQOLMS)
Slogan: To Improve Quality of Life in Mumbai and its Suburbs in a holistic and sustainable manner.
Registration No: E 23637 Mumbai

About Us: Mumbai city and its Suburbs are undergoing rapid deterioration as far as the Quality of Life of its citizens is concerned. Pollution, Environmental degradation, rising piles of garbage, inadequate health facilities, rapid increase of encroachment and lack of adequate governmental machinery are contributing towards a grim future for the city of Mumbai.  Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai/Suburbs (IQOLMS) provides a platform for concerned citizens and NGO's to unite under one banner from all over Mumbai and its Suburbs. This is an attempt to arrest any further deterioration and collectively taking active part in finding solutions to solve Mumbai's problems. Forum for IQOLMS is a non-political body adopting non-partisan methodology to arrive at win-win answers.
Vision: The Forum aims at making Mumbai Suburbs to be a better place to live in. We place importance on improving the quality of life in Mumbai Suburbs over Economic development. We believe that economic development will be greatly enhanced once the quality of life of the citizens is improved.
The Forum proposes to do so by enhancing the output of existing establishments, creating citizens awareness and involving their participation. We believe that unless the citizens and government work hand in hand towards treating the core issues faced by Mumbai, no amount of restructuring would improve the state that our city is in. Issues the Forum is working on are Public/Private Transport, Environment , Education , Housing ,Water, Governance, Health, Cleanliness, Utility, Roads, Fast Track Legal Cells, Security in Mumbai, Other.


Mission: This Forum aims at finding solutions to problems of Mumbai and its Suburbs by engaging in sustained participation between all sections of civil and government societies. Once the solutions are arrived at, the Forum will continue to be a part of the implementation program and ensure the progress as it is envisioned to be.





What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?:

How can you work with others? : We hope to Create a United Body of concerned citizens and NGO's of Mumbai/Suburbs.
This Body would collectively put its mind to formulate and implement action plans to Sustainably Develop Mumbai and its Suburbs.

If they want to visit you?:

Weekend or evening activities
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-Yearly Budget: Rs.
-Revenue Sources:
-Corporates can adopt us at a yearly sponsorship of Rs. 

-full time:
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-volunteers: 5

Help Needed:
-Volunteers : yes 
-Donations-in-kind: yes
-Services needed: yes
-Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
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Contact Details:
Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai / Suburbs
68, Najapa House, Vakola Pipe Line Road, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 055
Phone: 022 2611 6109
Fax: 022 2611 4987
Karmayogi: Leena Prabhoo
work direct: 022 26116109, best time to call: betn 10-11.30 a.m.
email personal:

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Trustees: Waman Danait, Jagdeep Desai, Lekha Nanjapa, Leena Prabhoo