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Indian Jaycees is a voluntary organization, membership based NGO working in India for the past 53 years for developing the leadership skills of young men and women of this country.  It is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs founded in 1944, having headquarter at Chester Field USA . Currently it has over 200,000 active members and more than one million graduates, in over 100 countries and 6,000 communities.


The membership is offered to everybody regardless of color, cast and creed between the age of 18 -40 years.   Indian Jaycees is registered under Societies Registration Act, Bombay Public Trust Act and Income Tax Act of India.



To contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.


The Principles


Jaycees  believe:

Faith in God 

The brotherhood 

Economic justice 

Human personality; and

Service to humanity


In the last 53 years we are able to produce thousands of social and business leaders all over the country through our intensive project based training activities




Thousands of Jaycees projects, with focus on Children, young men and women  are conducted every year in thousands of communities.  All have a major impact on society.  Some of them are listed below.


Need Blood ? Call Jaycees !


Jaycees (members of Chapters of Indian Jaycees) organize thousands of blood donor camps  all over the country and are also associated with many blood banks.  Indian Jaycees has made tie up with Red Cross Society and every month thousands of units of blood have been collected and donated the needy as well as to the blood banks.  All have major impacts on the society.


Jaycee Schools


Jaycees are successfully running schools in the country. The image created by such schools is spell binding. Many such schools have celebrated their silver jubilee. Some of the exceptionally well-managed schools are in Hospet - Karnataka, Mirzapur – Uttar Pradesh, Erode – Tamil Nadu and Baroda – Gujarat.


Tree Plantation


The Jaycee Green Millennium Week is celebrated every year during June-July.

Millions of plants are distributed free of cost and planted by the members. It has been adjudged as one of the finest Public relations Programs of the organization and the local administrative authorities have showered praises on the organization.  



Water distribution & water huts


Every year, the ‘Jal Seva Din’ is celebrated during May-June. Distribution of potable water, bottles of drinking water and setting up of water huts are organized in every nook and corner of the nation.



Jaycee Nagar for Earth quake victims


After the earth quake in 2001 at Gujarat, members from all over India rushed to the affected area and took part in the rescue work.  Free Clothing, Bedding, Medicine, Water, Foods and shelter were provided free of cost to the victims.  Indian Jaycees constructed a village, ‘JAYCEE NAGAR’ in Anjar, Kutch with the Rs. 50 lakhs collected by the members.


Combat HIV / AIDS, Malaria and other diseases


Indian Jaycees is organizing programs and camps on AIDS/HIV awareness, eradication of malaria and Hepatitis B- as these are the most pertinent issue arising on health and wellness in a global scale. It is conducting a project under Kerala State AIDS Control Society, Govt. of Kerala in Palghat. Already 186 Industrial Workers and their Spouses, 256 Construction workers and 46 MSM (Males having Sex with Male) have been benefited under this project.


Poverty Eradication


To make the rural people independent they have been trained on latest agricultural techniques. As agriculture is a dynamic engine of growth and an important contributor to welfare in later stages of economic development. 17,000 rural people have been benefited. Also tractors have been donated to farmers. 


Free Medical Check Up Camps


Free medical check up camps were organized by its various Local Chapters in all over the Country.  Rural and urban level thousands of medical projects are conducted every year.


Women Empowerment


Shakti is an exclusive training program of Indian Jaycees.  It is organized in two languages one in English and other in Hindi. It is also adjudged and recognized by various institutions as an outstanding program for the Ladies. The Ladies of Indian Jaycees are organizing Beauty Contests every year  in National and Local level to provide employment to women and to build up self confidence. 100 of entries received every time. 



Literacy camps are regularly being organized at the Chapter level, especially in the rural areas. 


Anti Terrorism

A resolution was passed by the Chapters and submitted to the authorities, indicating our concern on terrorism and to show our solidarity against terrorism and yearning for international peace, non-violence and brotherhood.  


TOYI (Ten Outstanding Young Indians Awards)


Every year, Indian Jaycees recognizes ten youngsters within 18-40 years of age at the national level as TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG INDIANS. They are also nominated for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the world. Some of the former winners at the National level are: Sunil Gavaskar, Viswanathan Anand, Sachin Tendulkar, P.T.Usha, Pankaj Udhas, Sudha Chandran, Irfan Pathan etc. Many nominees from the country won the World award also.


IJC Scholarships

Indian Jaycees is contributing in Nation building by selecting the bright and needy students for educational and professional scholarships. Scholarships worth lakhs are distributed to students from all over the country after a fair and impartial selection based on merit and the need.

Every year Scholarship worth Rs. Five lakhs are given.


Internationalism & Collaborations

In an increasingly interdependent world, members realize the need for international collaboration, understanding, tolerance and peace. 


Jaycees provides members numerous opportunities to become involved in global issues.  Through international conference, academies, programs, Twinning and business exchange.  Jaycee concepts enables members to promote goodwill and attain a deeper understanding of global Challenges and opportunities, 


With members in over 120 countries, interested in fostering international brotherhood, a membership in Indian Jaycees or one of the Chapters of Indian Jaycees can assist in developing international connectivity.


Children visit Fukuoka

Every year a delegation of eight children along with 2 Peace Ambassadors and 1 Chaperon represents India in the Asia Pacific Children’s Convention to be held at Fukuoka, Japan.


43 countries from Asia pacific region participates and exchange their views on world peace .


World Congress/ASPAC


Indian Jaycees is recognized as one of the 100% efficient units in the world. Indian Jaycees has bagged many awards at International Conferences and Congresses for Community Activities, Education for Peace, Civic Consciousness, and Training etc.



Indian Jaycees offers training programs with the leading edge that can enrich and empower the participants. Training Institute is also functioning to develop, design and administer certified programs of a high standard.


Jaycees offers it’s members managerial training and experience as team members and leaders, including the opportunity to hold office at the local, regional, national and International levels. 


The National Convention, Junior Chamber International Area Conferences and JCI World Congress offer many advanced management training seminars and courses for members.  



NALANDA : (National Academy of Leadership and Administration)

National Academy of Leadership and administration is the flagship training program of Indian Jaycees and has been rated high even in international standards. This year Mr. Fernando Sanchez- Arias World President 2004 will grace the occasion.


VEDA : (Advanced Leadership Academy)

This training event was envisaged in 1998 as the next step to NALANDA and has had good response from the corporate sector. This advanced level Academy prepares individuals to face the challenges of the future by looking inwards and applying the newly acquired knowledge in their professional and personal life.


Leadership 21st Century


The National Program of Indian Jaycees – LEADERSHIP 21st CENTURY – is aimed at reaching out to the community, especially the youngsters. This exclusive program for the College and the School students is to prepare the youngsters to take on the competitive world. The Chapters conduct the program every year with the assistance of the eminent Jaycee trainers all over the country and reach the hundreds of institutions in the country.

Selected students from every area are sent to a National level program – JASMINE, for higher learning. Its curriculum and methodology have been rated well by the participants all over India.





Business opportunities give the Jaycees a chance to enhance the economic level of the community by conducting projects to increase the effectiveness of the business. Indian Jaycees provide its members with the necessary contacts, leadership skills and personal business growth opportunities. Numerous Forums and programs enable the members to develop as young entrepreneurs, managers and business executives.




Academy of Business Leadership Excellence is a much sought after program in the Business Area of opportunities in Indian Jaycees. This program, held in English and Hindi at two centers every year, hones the skills of young businessmen from all over the country.



Business world conference

During March 8-10, 2003, Indian Jaycees organized an International Conference, ‘JCI Business & IT Conference. More than 1500 young businessmen attended the conference that was studded with Seminars, Business meets, Business Exchange Plaza etc.



At last, Indian Jaycees prepares the youngsters to take that all important step in their personal and professional life so as to face the challenges of increasing competition and complexity in this ever shrinking world.



Head Quarters


Indian Jaycees

Ami Kalash, Ami Complex, 2nd Floor

I C Colony Road, Borivali (W)


Phonr- 022-28913355, 28912354

Fax – 022-2891080



Greetings from National Headquarters.
Please find above the information of our NGO Indian Jaycees. We are interested to join hands.
Have a nice day
Nandini Paul
Area Officer
Area D & Program portfolio