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I Hear Foundation

Registration No.

25 October 2002 / E-20550 (Mumbai)

One line descriptive slogan

Helping deaf children grow up with sound

About us

I Hear Foundation inaugurated its early intervention program “Naad” on 25 April 2003. This comprehensive service in audiology, education and counseling is located at a single facility and teaches babies born with a hearing loss to listen and speak so that they may take their place in kindergarten classes of schools for hearing children. The medium of education offered is English and Marathi.


Naad will be a national early intervention centre of excellence in auditory verbal practice, earning international recognition, in its work in guiding families of deaf and hard of hearing children and professionals.


Naad will pioneer and promote effective and early identification and intervention of hearing loss in India and bring hearing loss into the public consciousness in Mumbai and in most of India.

Naad will also demonstrate sensitivity to cultural diversity in helping families raise   their young hearing impaired children.

Services Offered

Audiology, Education and Counselling for hearing impaired children, their parents and families.

Impact Data

Naad has worked with over 40 families of hearing impaired children since its inception in April 2003. Audiology and habilitation with deaf babies and children is very intensive and it is the parents who are trained to work with their children on a continuing basis. At Naad therefore it is necessary to work on a one-on-one basis with them.

Brief History

I Hear Foundation was registered as an Educational Charitable Trust on 25 October, 2002. Its main focus is on early intervention for hearing impaired babies and children. With this aim it set up Naad: Early Intervention Centre for Hearing Impaired Babies. Naad was inaugurated on 25 April, 2003. Naad offers a comprehensive service in audiology, therapy and counselling to hearing impaired babies, their parents and families. It is recognized as a leader in the management of pediatric habilitation for hearing impaired children in India.

Brief Projects / Achievements

I Hear Foundation proposes to launch Infant Screening of Hearing in December 2005. This will screen infants and babies at birth or soon after for hearing loss, thereby allowing early intervention for those diagnosed.

What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary?

At Naad, a child’s hearing loss is accurately measured, appropriate hearing aids fitted and education (language and speech skills) begun with the aim of integrating the child in a school for normal hearing children by the age of 5 or 6. Parents and families are counseled about what hearing loss is, what it entails how to deal with it and most importantly to continue to enjoy their child so that she/he can grow up to be confident and independent person capable of making his/her own choices in life.

Collaboration Possibilities


How can you work with corporates, sponsors, other NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotaries, government?
(Please elaborate differently for each)

Rotaries: Naad is a joint project between I Hear Foundation, The Rotary Club of Bombay and supported by Reuters Foundation.

Hospitals: To introduce and encourage infant screening for the early diagnosis of deafness. It is possible to test children at birth and with the help of hospitals with maternity wards the Foundation will seek to create awareness among parents for early screening, especially for at risk babies.

Corporates/Sponsors: To help develop and spread awareness of deafness in Mumbai. To help spread awareness for the importance of infant screening for hearing loss in babies.

NGOs: To help spread awareness of hearing loss in the specific areas that the NGOs work in. To educate the people in those areas about the process to follow if their child is diagnosed with a hearing loss so that these children can be fitted with hearing aids and educated.

Government: The Foundation through its pilot study of infant hearing screening will seek to convince the government to make infant screening mandatory all over India.

If they want to visit you, what can you show them & how much time will it take?

A visit around Naad’s facilities will take approximately half an hour. During that time visitors will be shown the audiological facilities, the therapy rooms, counselor’s room, play area/lending library/kitchenette. They can watch an audiological testing session and sit in for a therapy session if they so choose. We also show videos of children who have graduated from our program and are now in schools for normal hearing children.

Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?





If you can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club or Ladies Association, please state:
(Title of Topic / One line description of what it will cover / Audience for whom suitable)

The Importance of Early Intervention and Early Infant Hearing Screening:

The need for early screening; that it is possible to test babies at birth in a process that is non-interfering; Why early diagnosis of hearing loss is important and what needs to be done once it is diagnosed. Videos of children who have had the benefit of early intervention.

This talk would be suitable for anyone over the age of 21, pediatricians, doctors, teachers and anyone involved with children.

Financial data


yearly budget (in Rs. lacs)

On request. Will be mailed separately if required.

Main revenue sources

Mainly through donations. A small amount is collected through fees.

Are you willing to be 'adopted' by a corporate?
If yes, What is your annual funding need

Rs. Seven Lakhs per annum towards operational expenses for running Naad.

Organization data


number of full-time people


number of part-time people


number of volunteers


Help Needed




Donations-in-kind needed 


Services needed


Advisors / Mentors needed:


Jobs Available


Donation possibilities

  1. Rs. 5000/- per month as a scholarship for habilitation. This includes audiology/education and counselling for one child.
  2. Rs.          towards producing videotapes for parents.



Organization Contact Details


Address can be revealed on the website:


Name of organization

I Hear Foundation


203, Rajendra Chambers

19, Nanabhai Lane, Fountain

Mumbai 400 001


+91 (22) 2202 1006 / 2202 3108


+91 (22) 2288 0991


Contact Person's Detail



Mrs. Malu Patel

Phone No.

        2202 1006/3108

email- personal


Website (write url if any) 

Names of Trustees

Ms. Zarine Davar Secretary

Ms. Anupam Anand Treasurer

Ms. Firoza Bhabha Pediatrician

Dr. Milind Kirtane ENT Surgeon





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