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Indian Development Foundation (IDF) is our new name, though our service to the nation has been for over two decades.  Our Trustees and our team remain the same.

We seek your blessings and continued support for our humanitarian work in national interest.

Why change in name and what is our mission ?

Indian Leprosy Foundation has been christened as INDIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION for valid reasons which we share with you.  Indian Leprosy Foundation had the major thrust for leprosy work in India and our success as a leading National NGO is well-known.  India had an estimated number of 40- lakhs of leprosy patients with a prevalence rate of 60 per 10,000 population.  With the concerted efforts of the Govt. of India and State Govts ably assisted by several NGOs including Indian Leprosy Foundation, it
became possible to bring down the case-load to less than 3 lakhs and prevalence rate below 3 per 10,000 population by the year 2004.  The Govt. feels that leprosy elimination may be possible by the year 2007 or so.
Thus, the drastic reduction in case-load has made several NGOs to diversify and club other health areas.  Some State Govts. are merging leprosy division with general health from 1st April 2005.  Our Foundation has excellent and dedicated Field Teams and Volunteers, which can take on additional public interest responsibilities.  Thus diversification was the answer and we decided to change our name to INDIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (IDF).  This has the approval of the government.

What shall be the role of INDIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (IDF) ?
Of course, leprosy will continue to be a major focus for us but we shall be taking on a few other Health areas like TB, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Blindness etc. In addition to Health, Education and Development, areas like holistic development of villages will be the focus.

Thus INDIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (IDF)ís mission are Health, Education and Development. We shall support eligible students who are handicapped and take up suitable update programmes for students, teachers and non-teaching staff with a  view to bring about enhanced skills.  We shall encourage sports, arts and crafts and communication capabilities.  Along with scientific temper, we like to encourage social temper among the people and find ways to have access to deprived sections.

India lives in villages.  About 72% of our people live in villages with poor living conditions.  We shall encourage self-help groups to take up a few villages and create model conditions, so that others will emulate the example.

IDF teams with a large number of samaritan volunteers are poised for serving the nation in the areas of Health, Education and Development. Our vision is a better India of tomorrow.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai
Indian Development Foundation

The incidence of TB is very high in India with one death occurring every minute.  Tuberculosis is completely curable today and greater emphasis on awareness should be created