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Indian Cancer Society
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About Us: The Indian Cancer Society - the National Anti-Cancer Association of our country, was established way back in 1951. It is a registered Public Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and the Societies Registration Act of 1860. It's various activities are listed below:

 The society undertakes total care of the poor cancer patients of our country by proferring food, medicines, transport, prostheses, colostomy bags, counseling services, social welfare and job placement services. It also helps cancer patients to be self- employed particularly those who come from the rural areas.

 The society established a Rehabilitation Centre at Parel, Mumbai in 1958 which is the first and the largest of its kind in Asia. The society also undertakes numerous programmes and projects to educate the public about the factors relevant to cancer and conducts continuing educational courses for doctors.

 The society established the First Cancer Chemotherapy and Cytology Facilities at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in 1956. This was first of its kind in India at that time.

 The society established the First Population based Cancer Registry in India, at Mumbai, in 1961 and later set up branches in Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur. Cancer registration entails correct documentation giving details of the disease by type and site about each and every cancer patient resident in the region being surveyed. This is a research project which gives appropriate information about all patients suffering from cancer in population groups of various sites.

 Cancer Detection is conducted through numerous clinics and by utilizing a Mobile motorized unit which is taken to factory and office sites in Greater Mumbai, Thane and other regions all over Maharashtra for cancer check-up examinations.

 The society has several Branches and Affiliates in metropolitan cities spread all over India.

 A Clinical unit, The Lady Ratan Tata Medical and Research Centre, was established in Mumbai in 1986. This centre is fully equipped to offer the latest technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The diagnostic wing consists of various Imaging Units including a C.T.Scan unit. The Pathology Department is equipped with up-to-date computerized equipments to ensure sensitivity and speed and to achieve the most accurate results. Some of the staff members are also engaged in Clinical Research activities in the various departments. The Therapeutic wing consisting of Cobalt-60 and Selectron units provide outpatient treatment for cancer patients.

 A Unique Cancer Insurance scheme has been evolved. Under this scheme, the members of the society can receive coverage of upto Rs. 75,000/-. towards diagnostic and therapeutic charges incurred, in case they are affected by cancer.

 The society publishes "THE INDIAN JOURNAL OF CANCER" which has won international recognition. It is the only professional cancer journal being published in India.

. Rehabilitation Centre received provisional licence from Rehabilitation Council of India as a sheltered workshop
. Six staff members were deputed for training for  under Bridge Course as required by Rehabilitation Co-ordination India Act 1992
. Rehabilitation Centre participated in an exhibition organised by Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi
. Presentation of Mahindra Commander Jeep by the Corporation Bank to Indian Cancer Society
 1999 Rehabilitation Centre received award from Magnum Foundation, Nagpur for outstanding work in Rehabilitation of the cancer patients
. For the fist time creative workshops for children and youth cancer patients to develop their talents organised by the Rehabilitation Centre
. 2000 A Magic Show by World famous child Magician organised for children cancer patients.

Cancer Registry:
The Cancer Registry has been collecting all essential data pertaining to cancer patients, in the resident population of the respective areas. The registry collects information, analyzes it, and produces a report which is presented to the Indian Council of Medical Research. This report presents information like number of cancer cases registered, cancer rate in men, women and children, number of deaths registered due to cancer, common cancer site in men, common cancer site is women etc.

Bombay Cancer Registry
Dr. Balkrishna B. Yeole.
Indian Cancer Society,
74, Jerbai Wadia Road, Parel, Mumbai - 400 012.
Tel: (91-22) 2412 2351.
Fax: (91-22) 2412 2351.

Cancer Detection Centres:
There are 5 Cancer Detection Centres of Indian Cancer Society in Greater Mumbai. The primarily function of these centres is to create cancer awareness in the public and provide routine cancer check-ups. The main activities carried out by the Cancer Detection Centres include:
Public awareness for importance of cancer check-up by means of posters, advertisements, exhibitions etc.
Clinical examination of persons coming for cancer check-up by ear, nose, throat surgeons, general surgeons and gynaecologists
Routine Blood count
X-ray examination of chest
Pap smear test for women

Mobile Cancer Detection Unit:
The real tragedy about cancer is that it begins with very minor symptoms or none at all. Therefore the best way to guard against cancer is to have a regular yearly cancer check-up examination. Even though the very word "Cancer" sends shiver down the spine of the people, nevertheless they are generally found to be reluctant to go in for a regular periodic cancer check up on their own due to various factors.

Cancer Awareness Programmes:
Diagnostic and Therapeutic
Facilities - LRTM & RC
Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients
Cancer Risk Insurance
Clinical Study Group
The Indian Journal of Cancer
Patient Education 

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes

Contact Details:
 Indian Cancer Society
 Lady Ratan Tata Medical & Research Centre
M. Karve Road, Cooperage, Bombay 400021

Phone: 91-22-202 9941 / 2
Office: 91-22-204 7642
Fax: 91-22-287 2745