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An appeal for hearing conservation & hearing aid program 

The Project 

Hearing Aid is one of the most valuable equipment in the education of the Deaf & Deafblind & as the Spectacles are necessary for the eyes so is the Hearing Aid for the Deaf. So we need to give equal opportunities to the children. 

We have young Deaf & Deafblind children approximately 120, and the Deaf & Deafblind youths who are with us in our job development-training workshop about 30 in all. For all these, a good pair of binaural hearing aid is an important part of their educational equipment. 

It is a Deaf & Deafblind child’s right even to hear & discriminate environmental sounds along with speech tutoring and for all these children a hearing aid is a must.

Assessment of the cost 

Per child 1 complete unit inclusive of 2 hearing aids, special receiver, cords & custom built hearing moulds. The approximate cost is Rs. 10,000/- per unit with discount.

There are very expensive hearing aids but overall Rs. 10,000/- is the minimum one should be prepared to pay to have a fairly good functional (equipment) hearing aid.

Let me tell you that there are some parents who are willing to support the project, but cannot afford to pay the total cost. They may come up with 30% to 40% of the total budget but then again that is only about 5% of the population. Our plan is to really create a corpus fund for hearing conservation and from this January we are going all out to see how we can replace the old hearing aids. 

Deaf & Deafblind child’s education is an expensive affair & the people who can be the Donors towards this project can truly empower the little Deaf & Deafblind child in enhancing his quality life. 

Yours sincerely,

In the service of Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblind.  

Mrs. Beroz N. Vacha

Hon. Director & Consultant.