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HELP Charitable Trust
Make a beginning, be a leader
Registration No. E19631, Mumbai 

About Us:

Vision: We want Mumbai to be a place where human life has value and people live with dignity 

Mission: Only with more and more people joining hands with us. 
Services Offered: Medical insurance made for unorganized sector to make them aware of its advantages, Sponsoring Balwadis and offering career guidance to various students

Impact Data: 100  
Brief History: Begun in 2001,
Brief Projects / Achievements: In last few months have done medical insurance for about 30 people in our building (sweepers, electrician, plumber, manager, security guards, maids & driver) Before that have run balwadi at Year for 3 years.

What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary? This is a cashless card. If fallen sick, they can utilize the card for hospitalization up to Rs 25000/ for the year without a hassle of arranging cash. Even if they change job, insurance works. 1st year they are not paid for any major disease which can have a past history but from next year even major diseases are covered unless medical tests have shown them as existing. Accident and death is also covered. Every worker in the shops, factories, companies, schools, BMC, buildings need to be covered by the place where they work. They should be encouraged to make such policies for their families as well so that their medical needs for the year is taken care of. They get 10% discount on their family insurance.  

Collaboration Possibilities:
How can you work with corporates, sponsors, other NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotaries, govt? We can talk to them and sensitize them to the needs of the people, area, nature surrounding them. (Security staffs & other workers in the society are part of your building, must know them, their problems, happy moments etc., For example, if they come after marriage, no body gives them any gifts! If they have children born, no body knows about it or advise them or gift them. If they have big children, no body advise them about probable career they can choose.

Do not use plastics, big show rooms also need to be told to use cloth bags or paper bags.
Motivate children & teachers at BMC schools
Inspect daily BMC hospitals and look into their problems & suggest solutions)

If they want to visit you, what can you show them & how much time will it take? I have office at my residence so I can not show them much but can surely motivate them, suggest new plans, work with them.

Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized? Not yet

If you can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club or Ladies Association, please state: Be sensitive to the needs of others surrounding you.

Financial data:
 - Yearly budget: Depends on how much we have, as we can insure as many people. Last year we spent about Rs. 45,000/-
 - Sources of Revenue: Ourselves, sometimes by friends as well.
 - Are you willing to be 'adopted' by a corporate?: Yes, depends on what is our target. If I have funds available, I can improve BMC hospital in the area, start yoga
                                                                                classes in BMC schools, add more people to work

Organisation data: 
- number of full-time people   1
- number of part-time people   2
- number of volunteers  4  

Help Needed:
- Advisors / Mentors needed: If they can help us to grow.
- Volunteer opportunities:   Yes
- Donations-in-kind needed e.g. toys:   Only story books for BMC schools at request. Will arrange for pick up
- Services needed e.g. web designing: Yes, Can pay a nominal amount
- Donation possibilities? To sponsor one medical insurance even for a child
- Jobs Available: Not yet

Organisation Contact Details:  

HELP Charitable Trust

1805/4C, Whispering Palms
Lokhandwala Complex
Kandivali (E)
Mumbai 400101 India
Phone +91-22 - 28873546
Fax   +91-22-56996164

Contact Person's Details  :
name:   Ramita Mehta
home phone: 28873546  ( Best times to call: 9 to 9)
email - personal:, 

Names of Trustees (with age of most active one):  
Mrs. Ramita Mehta

Dr. Mahendra S Mehta
Mrs. Sridevi Rao

Comments for Very selfless service from a dedicated group.