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1. To bring awareness of Govigyan (i.e. scientific dimensions of knowledge about cow) in India .

2. To establish research and training centres for Govigyan at the national level.

3. To inculcate scientific attitude in Gopalak (cow breeders ) and to train them in the latest techniques  of cow breeding.

4. To evolve national policy regarding cow breeding, cow maintenance and cow protection and to try and implement it through  Panchayats, State Governments and the Central Government.

5. To establish or have established through others, village cow shelters (Panjrapole) and to administer them or to have them administered.

6. To popularize cow milk, ghee  etc., and to make efforts to provide proper remuneration for these items.

7. To organize research and popularize making of organic manure from cow dung and urine.

8. To organize research and development in Gobar gas plants and to develop and popularize gadgets which run on Gobar gas.

9. To carry out research and development of various tools and implements which are driven by Bullock power.

10. To carry out R&D in all aspects of cow carcass disposal to include  flaying, tanning ,leather business, bone fertilizers etc. To develop village based leather industry.

11. Govigyan will attempt to provide all help to cow related economy, social system and village requirements. For the above purpose Govigyan will carryout the following functions: -

  • Will organize seminars, conferences and symposia at local, regional and national levels.
  • Will publish monthly or periodic publication and will give it wide circulation.
  • Will publish and circulate literature regarding Govigyan. 
  • Will co-ordinate efforts to establish network amongst cow protection and animal welfare organizations.
  • Will encourage Govt. of India to make legislation regarding cow protection and to ban cow slaughter.
  • Will take appropriate action to ban export of  meat. 
Govigya Bharati, 
Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal, 
299, Tardeo Road, 
Mumbai  - 400 007
tel: 26790913