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"Creating A Giving Culture"
Vision: A proactively-implemented trickle-down to nonprofits financed by Indians worldwide and backed by the best expertise that ensures that every rupee donated is spent efficiently, transparently and in an accountable manner.

Mission: To promote the act of "giving", by helping good NGOs raise funds, and promoting greater transparency and accountability.

- Internet Fundraising
- Corporate Philanthropy Services
- Grant Management Services
- NGO Capacity Building

Impact: Funds channeled to voluntary organisations in 2004-05: Rs. 4.7 crores

History: GIVE Foundation is a nonprofit company registered in 2000.  Registration No: 04-37902. GIVE entered into a partnership in May 2000 with ICICI Bank (then ICICI Ltd.), to set up, India's first charity website. The partnership has strengthened over the last 4 years. ICICI Bank has provided a grant to GIVE Foundation that helps meet the operating costs of its fundraising activities. Over the last 4 years, the Foundation has evolved its operating "business models" and introduced several new services & activities.

- Internet Fundraising [Rs 32 lacs for 120 organisations]
- Corporate Philanthropy Services [Rs2.10 crores for ~10 companies and organisations]
- Grant Management Services [assisted various Govt. departments and donor agencies]
- NGO Capacity Building [in the area of financial & accounting systems- assisted over 15 NGOs so far]

Yearly income: Rs. 80 lakhs
Sources: Fees, Interest, Grants (ICICI Bank)

full time people: 13
part time people: 2
volunteers: 5

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities: yes 
Donations-in-kind needed: no
Services needed: yes

Contact Details:
Dilip Patadia
301, New India Industrial Estate
Off Mahakali Caves Road
Mumbai 400 093
Phone: 26878775 (10 am to 6 pm)
Fax: no

Trustees: Mr. N. Vaghul, Chairman, Mr. Vijay Mahajan, Dr. Tarun Das, Ms. Rama Bijapurkar, Mr. R. K. Krishna Kumar, Mr. Venkat K. N. [Director]

"GIVE turned out to be a great find for us. We had been grappling with vague good sentiments, but not knowing exactly what to do or where to start. They helped us clarify and articulate our intentions, resulting in a practical plan for effective and meaningful community involvement. They have demonstrated a rare combination of sensitivity to business considerations and expertise in effective philanthropy. Any company wanting to convert good intentions into a workable yet idealistic community initiative will definitely benefit from GIVE's services." JERRY RAO, Chairman & Managing Director, MphasiS BFL Ltd.