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REAP (Reach Education Action Programme)

Strange but true! Studying on the footpath! No roofs, no walls, no benches! A lamp post to hang charts, curious on-lookers, dirt all over, 25-30 children and an enthusiastic teacher complete the class!! 300 such classes span the length and breadth of Mumbai city, the suburbs and surrounding tribal areas upto Nashik. This makes up our ‘Footpath University’!! More than 7000 learners, from children to adults on its rolls and the number keep growing.

Aim: taking education to the marginalisied. The motto: “Education on footpaths, creating new paths......."

REAP (Reach Education Action Programme) - a mini 'literacy movement' covering every street, pavement, slum, hilltop, tribal village to bring about social transformation. Its integrated approach involves alternative and innovative pedagogies such as of literacy, community development, capacity-building and networking with the Government system; each interrelated and geared to total development.

This non-formal (NFE), non-institutional education programme is designed to reach every out-of-school child, an attempt to wean them child labour and prevent others from falling into it. REAP believes that the place of a child is in school, not in work-places. A two-year NFE programme (65 centres) prepares the working child to enter Std V. Every year about 125-150 working children are mainstreamed into formal education. Prevention of potential child-laborers is done through a network of pre-schools/balwadis (240 centres). About 2000 children are enrolled in the Std I every year. Teaching them to fish is REAP’s philosophy. For slum children in Municipal Schools support classes are conducted to prevent drop-outs.

Community development aims at a transformational, enlightened and aware leadership. Women’s empowerment focuses on women as independent decision makers, economically and socially self-reliant. Women’s potential for social change begins with adult literacy (leading in turn to education of the family), awareness programmes, ranging from leadership skills, personality development, legal awareness, government schemes, health, sex education, gender and population issues, AIDS awareness. Income generating programmes and Self-Help Groups (SHG's) are an integral part.

Our Capacity Building Department supports the large literacy and community development programmes. Four Teacher Training centres (six months Balwadi Teacher Training course) and one six month Para Professional Diploma Course trains and prepares balwadi teachers and grassroots community workers.

Apart from this, 15 skill training centres offer drop-out girls short-term courses in tailoring, beautician, fashion designing and even computers for self-employment.

No matter how much a private organization does, it still remains a drop in the ocean with regard to any educational or developmental issue. At best, it can create islands of excellence. Working with government is essential for ensuring quality delivery of services. REAP networks with the municipal school system focusing on education enhancement, all-round development, prevention of drop-outs, and motivation of parents.

Beyond footpaths, creating new paths. REAP started its first primary school last year for children of rap-pickers in the dumping grounds of Kalyan. This has been a challenge to create an oasis of learning in the midst of filth and squalor and give these children a chance at life again. The second primary school was started this year for slum children on the hills in Kalwa (East). These primary schools are a focal point for community development. 

REAP's literacy movement today cover the length and breadth of Mumbai city and surrounding tribal areas upto Nashik.

REAP is ever dynamic and always in search of the marginalised. Today REAP's programme covers over 450 literacy centres for children on the streets,
slums and tribal areas, 150 self-help groups and women's empowerment prograrmmes, 5 teacher training centres, 10 vocational training centres, adoption of 2 municipal schools. We have grown much these last five years. It has always been REAP's idea of being closer to our work area and closer to the people and the challenges ahead.

For better coordination and management, it was felt appropriate that we move our head office to Kalwa which is central to all our work areas. Kindly note our new office address for all future correspondence: 

Reach Education Action Programme (REAP)
502 Bali Towers, 
Station Road, Kalwa West, 
Thane Dist. 400 605.
Tel. 25441824 


Trevor Miranda SJ


St. Xavier’s Institute of Education,
40-A, New Marine Lines,
Mumbai 400 020

Tel. 22075761 email