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Foundation for Humanisation

11 Yogniti, 18 S V Road,Santacruz (West),Mumbai-400054

Phone 91-22-26616197, 91-22-26615513



The organisation: Foundation for Humanisation was registered on 7 August 1992 under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 with the following objectives:

1. to promote a current of thought and action with the human being as the central value and concern;

2. to orient positive changes in the human being in personal and social fields;

3. to influence people from various disciplines to bring about positive changes around them and to carry out actions on the basis of physical, economic, racial and religious non-violence, built on the ideas of non-discrimination, freedom and justice, with a view to overcoming physical pain and mental suffering.

Present activities (in brief):

          The publication of the monthly social development magazine, Humanscape, since November 1993. 

          The establishment of autonomous organisations Manavta Kendras in rural regions of India. At present, 389 Manavta Kendras have been facilitated in 16 districts of eight states of India with 12,914 volunteers. A majority of them are working autonomously. 

The programme and its implementation pattern:

Manavta Kendras are autonomous village-level organisations managed by local residents, with a view to address their issues. One member from each family joins the Manavta Kendra as volunteer and represents his/her family. These volunteers commit to do voluntary work for at least one day a week and make a monthly contribution of Rs 10 per family for the functioning of their Kendra. The proposal has an integral component of managing the Kendra through voluntary efforts of members and through monthly financial contribution from them.

The volunteers form a core group the village committee comprising village co-ordinator, administrative and support members, and seven to ten committee co-ordinators. The members work to resolve issues related to health, education, water, livelihood, etc. based on the priority of the village, through respective committees formed by volunteers. The decisions regarding committees to be formed and issues that they must address are taken by members (volunteers) themselves, with no influence by outsiders. 

Volunteers of the Manavta Kendra meet once a week to discuss the issues at hand, and collectively work towards seeking solutions and alternative to them. The most important aspect is that the Manavta Kendra process aims for brining about personal / individual as well social (society) change as simultaneous process.


Role and function of Foundation for Humanisation