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The Education, Audiology & Research Society has been working with Deaf children for 41 years.
 Our MISSION is to enable Deaf children to communicate orally, be integrated into normal schools and function effectively in our hearing world.
For years deaf children were pushed into a separate world where communication was restricted to manual signs, unintelligible words and unnatural tones. Development in language and speech training and research advances in acoustic technology have opened a whole new world for the deaf child. Today at the EAR Centre, the deaf child has a lot to look forward to: with early diagnosis of a hearing loss, high quality digital hearing aids and modern methods of teaching, a child can learn intelligible and effective speech.
*Detect and manage hearing loss at the earliest age. (Neonatal Screening )
*Guide parents to stimulate their child's residual hearing and language.
*Use the Auditory  Verbal method to develop listening skills, language and speech.
* Audiological Evaluations of hearing loss  of even very young deaf children.
*Hearing Aid fitting by a careful process of selection to ensure that the child is fitted with the best possible hearing aid, most suited to his hearing loss.
*Instruct children in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.
* Integrate children into regular hearing schools, with support from EAR's Resource professionals.
* Train children with Cochlear Implants : Pre and post training in individualised      sessions in Audition, Language and Speech.
Contact person: P.R. Mehta.
Telefax 23886425 
Toppiwalla Muncipal School,
2nd floor,
Off Lamington Road,
Bombay 400007
The EAR is affilited to AG Bell International .
All donations are 50% exempt under 80 G of Income Tax Act.

Pervin R. Mehta