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Divine Mother Society
manava seva madhava seva
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About us: DMS is an NGO set up in 1988 primarily rendering voluntary service to children, leprosy affected persons and women for rehabilitation. our motto is service to humanity  

Vision: Hassle free and friendly city

Mission: Networking social support systems and  by strong public opinion

Services: Prayers without any link to any particular religion or caste. help socail support groups , exchange ideas and raise resources through donations and events

Impact: not directly in mumbai but more than 200 in chennai , alamadi village

History: set up in 1988, mumbai chapter started in 1992

Free Medical Centre
DMS runs a clinic with Dr. Geetha Badrinath (MD, Ped, DCH) and two nurses at Village Alamadhi, near Redhills about 32 kms from Chennai. Consultation is free to the poor, except for Rs.10 charged to cover any consumables etc. and this also is waived in deserving cases. Antenatal mothers are treated free.
The Centre caters to the cluster of villages with a population of over 5000 persons.

DMS-Apollo Venture
One more Centre is operated jointly by DMS and Apollo Hospitals, which is located inside the village. Once a week Apollo doctors and nurses from DMS treat patients. Both consultations and medicines are given free of cost.

Camps - Dental, Pediatric & Cancer
DMS conducts camps for villagers, particularly children. These camps have been in association with Apollo Hospitals, Jeevodaya, a hospice dedicated to terminally ill cancer patients and the like.

For the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu, a dental camp for children was conducted with the help of Apollo Hospitals where the extraction and filling was done at the site of the patients (it is the normal practice to have the patient come to the clinic).

Cancer camps with Jeevodaya are done with great emphasis on counseling. Slides shown to men and children, of persons suffering from oral cancer have known to reduce the propensity of men to tobacco/chewing and children from trying tobacco.

The level of hygiene is very low in the village homes. Children do not have the culture of brushing their teeth, or combing their hair or washing their socks or clothes or cutting their nails. With a view to inculcating this attitude, DMS has evolved a system of weekly checks and students are motivated by winning prizes if they do well on these counts.

Microsoft packages - free. With a view to familiarizing poor children with computers, DMS runs classes in MS-Word, Excel and other Microsoft packages. Microsoft has come forward with free use of its software for the poor including VB, Encarta Encyclopedia and Windows 2000 packages.

DMS-IITM70 Venture
The Alumni of IIT, Madras of the 1970 batch has joined with DMS in initiating Computer education. They have sponsored infrastructure costs such as hardware and their Alumnus acts as Faculty co-coordinator. The classes are run at DMS Centre at Village Alamadhi and covers MS 2000 and Internet operations.

Job oriented courses
The poor have valuable skill sets but are not able to afford formal training to channelise their skills.
DMS-IITM70 is offering courses in Graphic design, Animation and DTP free of cost to poor 12th standard passed students. In the two batches so far almost 50% of the students have secured placement after the course.

DMS-IITM70 has structurally conceived of a Cell whereby the skilled youth forming part of this Cell would handle assignments on a commercial basis so that they earn out of it; at the same time a part of the earnings would be ploughed back into the Corpus to make the Cell self-sufficient over a period of time.
This and other aspects of the IIT Alumni may be viewed on

DMS-IITM70 imparts tuitions in Maths, Science and English to very poor students in X std. It was the observation of IITM70 that in the IX std. many students are performing marginally in these subjects. Given a small push with coaching the probability of their passing the X std.exams would be very high.

Accordingly for the third year in succession Tuitions at a very nominal fee of Rs.10/- per month (regardless of the number of subjects) are being offered. These students are coached every Saturday at DMS Centre. The first year's success story is spellbinding - the School whose students participated saw a jump from 35% Pass percentage in the previous year to 85% pass percentage in the year the coaching was given.

Apart from the intellectual inputs, DMS-IITM70 provides free refreshments of bun and biscuits to these students when they spend over three hours attending classes. Monthly tests are conducted to ensure there is progress and inexpensive prizes are given to students who score well in the tests.

DMS regularly undertakes Poor Feeding.  Poor Feeding is done on behalf of Members on occasions such as their birthdays/wedding anniversaries, or to mark solemn functions such as death ceremonies. Specially prepared food is given to leprosy-affected persons. Poor Feeding is also done on a regular basis for very poor children in Village Alamadhi.
The children in the Government - run schools find it difficult to get one square meal a day.

For such children DMS has organized free sets of uniform, where DMS purchases cloth, takes measurements and engages a tailor to stitch the uniform for each child.

Giving a sense of dignity to persons with leprosy is one of the most important goals of DMS.
For over 15 years without break we have been doing weekly poor feeding preparing delicious food items ourselves or ordering from high grade restaurants. This service is done in selected Shirdi Sai temples in Chennai and Mumbai.

For persons whose soles/feet are bruised and find if difficult to walk, DMS has gifted wheel chairs.

Once a year DMS purchases raincoat sheets and clothes for men and saris for women.

The children of the persons in this group suffering from leprosy need not be tainted by Society. DMS would like them to be well educated and financially independent. DMS has therefore sponsored their education and costs of staying in the hostel.
At our annual congregation, which takes place on 19th February every year, these persons with leprosy join us and participate in prayers and Homam and thereafter lunch.

Cottage industries operated inside the four walls of the house by the mothers and daughters without any significant investment could form an important supplement for household income.

DMS together with Apollo Hospitals has ventured in this field training women in the techniques of making phenyl, soap powder, agarbatties, soft toys and the like.

The women form groups of 10 and each group pools its resources for manufacture and marketing. In occasional cases Apollo has stepped in to provide Rs. 10,000 of seed capital repayable within six months.

Satsanga is the journal of DMS. It carries a report of the activities of DMS and presently it features a series on the life of Kamakshi Baba. Earlier issues have carried very detailed biographies on Adi Shankara and Shirdi Sai Baba the extent of graphic description, which is unlikely to be found elsewhere.

The annual spiritual calendar with important dates is also carried through Satsanga through which you could ascertain Pournima/Amavasya, Navarathri/Narasimha Jayanthi prayers/Lunar eclipses and corresponding DMS programs on such dates. Satsanga also offers a forum to share experiences by devotees of the grace of Gurus Raghavendra, Trilinga, Shirdi Sai and Kamakshi Baba.

All religions have their own Mantras, which, if chanted in a particular tone and mode, are known to create vibrations in the human body and mind and alleviate suffering-mental or physical. For instance when the word "Kleem" is uttered, the thrust given by the tongue influences the nerve beneath it, which, in turn, activates the heart, and expands the bronchials. Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam lowers High Blood pressure, Lalitha Sahasranamam normalizes low BP, and Maha Rudram rectifies mental disorders and epilepsy.

Members of DMS, at the request of the patient, chant relevant Mantras in unison, in physical contact with the person suffering, forming a chain around him/her, and thereby cumulatively charging the weak "aura" of such person. Faith is a prerequisite on the part of the person suffering. The entire service is done free of cost.

In its bid to instill spiritual fervor in children, DMS is conducting classes for training children in the chanting of select mahamantras such as Vishnu Sahasranamam, Rudram, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Bhagavad-Gita, and Upanishads etc.
Music Shows - Gata Rahe Mera Dil series
In 2003, DMS embarked on hosting music shows titled Gata Rahe Mera Dil. featuring old Hindi films songs of the Golden era of Hindi Cinema. These shows are so far held in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and DMS will extend this to other parts with adequate sponsor support. These shows give DMS a platform to integrate music lovers into our social service wing and also sources of wholesome entertainment apart from raising resources by way of donations
Donations to DMS Trust are eligible for exemption under Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961
                             Your Money goes for a good cause

How can you work with others? :
In mumbai, our role will be to organise events for fund raising as a revenue model for DMS where DMS will earn a fee or share in the collection .   

Yearly Budget: Rs. 3-5 lacs
Revenue Sources: donations , member fees
From Corporates - we prefer sponsorships for specific projects

full time: 25
part time: 40
volunteers: 150

Help Needed:
Volunteer: yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services: no
Advisors: no
Jobs Available: no
Donation possibilities: yes for cancer tratment fund Rs 5000/- per patient p. a.

Contact Details
Divine Mother Society 
B 702, Jagat vidya , Bandra East, Mumbai 400051
Phone: 022-26592730
Fax: 022-26592176
Contact: S Ramanathan
cell: 98207-04780 (best time to call: 9 am to 10pm0
email personal:
Trustees: pls see website