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Disha Karanbadhir Vidyalaya


Beginning and Growth

To cater to the needs of the Hearing Handicapped Children of western suburbs, Lokmanya seva Sangh, Parle decided to set up a special school for such children from June 1979. The school which began with the enrolment of just five students and one teacher has now grown to accommodate about 50 students in the age group of 3 to 18 years, studying from KG to X class. It has on roll adequate number of subject teachers and special teachers for Art, Craft, and Sports and occupies the space of about 3,000 sq ft as against 300 sq ft in the beginning. In June 1981 the school got provisional recognition from Social Welfare Dept of Maharashtra Govt and since June 1990 it is recognized on permanent basis.


In November 1990 the school received a substantial donation from the Associated Cables Pvt Ltd. Mumbai. As desired by the Donors the school is since named as Disha Karnbadhir Vidyalaya.


Aims and Objects ( to be achieved through various programmes and projects)


1)      To strengthen the language ability of students through training in reading, writing and pronunciation.

2)      To develop their confidence for conversation

3)      To removing the feeling of helplessness arising out of their handicap.

4)      To make them bold enough to move freely in the society.

5)      To bring forth their hidden talent by organizing and encouraging them to participate in various competitions.

6)      To impart vocational education to enable them to earn and learn.

7)      To make them self reliant and self-dependent in life.


Equipment and facilities


1)      Personal hearing aid

2)      Speech Trainer

3)      Tape Recorder

4)      Audio Meter

5)      Sound proof, air conditioned room for speech therapy

6)      Well equipped kitchen for home science and cookery

7)      Electrical loop system for collective hearing throughout school campus


Majority of our students come from low-income families in Western suburbs. Travelling expenses put a heavy burden on their meager resources. They need to be helped. Parents either lack the knowledge to provide nutritious diet to their wards.


Programmes and projects


1)      Picnic and tours for training in History, Geography and Nature Study

2)      Visits to factories and workshops

3)      Classes for vocational education


Importance of these programmes is undisputed. It is common experience that these students learn more through observation. Visits to industrial sites and places of importance give them better grasp of the subjects prescribed for study.


Besides the syllabus based on textbooks prescribed for primary and secondary classes the school imparts job-oriented education in drawing, painting, handicraft, tailoring etc. Articles prepared by students in handicraft classes are put on display and sale in various exhibitions and consumer fairs. The sale proceeds are spent on providing books, note books, uniform, hearing aid  etc to needy students.



The educational visits and tours and the untiring efforts of our teachers in classrooms have been amply rewarded in recent years. In 1996 our school team won the shield  in the state level, inter-school General Knowledge quiz competition. Our student kum Manisha Walve was adjudged the best sports person of the year in 1998. In 2001 the first batch of 13 students appeared for the SSC examination held in March. All came out well and Shri Devendra Anvekar of this batch stood second in Mumbai among the handicapped students.


Things you can do for our students


1)      Factory owners and businessmen can absorb our students above the age of 16 as apprentice trainees.

2)      Organisations like the Lions, Giants, Rotary Clubs can susidize tours, nutritious diet scheme and provide help for uniform hearing aids etc.

3)      Individuals can help in meeting annual expenses of student on uniform, books/train fares etc.


Disha Karnbadhir Vidyalaya
Nadkarni Bal Kalyan Kendra
Chitrakar Ketkar Marg
Vile Parle (East)
Mumbai 400057
Karmayogi: Ms. Anagha Kulkarni, Principal
Tel: 26144183 / 26151200
Notes: Medium Marathi, Established in 1979, managed by Lokmanya Seva Sangh Parel, total 50 students (Girls 25, boys 25). Conducting vocational training 
Rating: A
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