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Dilkhush Special school is a school for children with a mental handicap. We have around 100 children from 6-18 years of age and with varying degrees of Mental Handicap yet within the mild and moderate range though we have a few who are also severely handicapped.

Our school has 11 classes which range from KG to seniors but are totally different in nature from the classes in a ‘normal’ school we also have 2 non-academic classes where children who are going to leave school are sent so that they are trained in some vocational skill.

In our school we make Individualised Education plans so every child is treated as an individual and taught at his/her own pace though in a class situation. In academics we put a lot of emphasis on Functional Academics- studies related to life, and also do a lot to teach our students socially acceptable behaviour.

Like most other schools we have singing, and sports and Art classes. We also take our students on field trips and have at least an overnight picnic for them.

We do not have a full time speech, or occupational therapist because we believe that after a child has been assessed the best person to help the child is the class teacher who is also trained to carry out therapy in class.

In the recent floods our students like many other stayed out for the night with some helpful strangers who did all they could to help. Our school was badly damaged in the floods and we are struggling to get back to normal. Anyone who wants to help a good cause do send in your cheques to Dilkhush Special School.

Dilkhush Special School

Juhu Road,

Opp. Palm Grove Hotel,


Mumbai 400049

Tel: 26151304

Fax: 26188688

Attn: Sr.Noella Pereira, Principal