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Dream Foundation
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About Us: Dream Foundation is a Registered Public Charitable Trust established in 1986. Health and education are our core objectives. We have been working in the field of cancer since 1995, to help cancer patients undergoing treatment at the major oncology centers in India.  

Our Prime objective is to empower people to cope with the trauma of cancer and to ease their burden by providing financial aid for medical treatment, counseling, rehabilitation support during cancer treatment, education of cancer survivor children and empowerment of women and their families.

Health Services:
Information about cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, guidance, and counseling to cope with cancer.

Educational Services:
Scholarships to children of cancer affected families. Non-formal educational activities.
Services: Dream Foundation launched  the Non-Formal Learning Program (NFLP) to supplement and enrich a child's education outside the formal school environment. Our focus is not only on what is taught but how it is taught.

Education Services:
A cherished aim of Dream Foundation is to assist economically weak cancer affected families to educate their children, thereby giving them opportunities for a better future. Our educational services are two-fold

Dream Foundation Scholars are themselves recovered cancer patients or belong to cancer affected families. Before awarding the scholarship, we determine whether or not the family is in genuine financial need. Aid is disbursed to the scholars in installment, throughout the academic year. Every Dream Foundation scholar is motivated to study through periodic interventions - counseling, incentive for good performance and group activities such as workshops. 

Health Services:
Cancer is a life-threatening disease. In India, mortality rates are high. Diagnosis and treatment are often expensive and protracted. A cancer-affected family also has many non-medical needs. Overcoming ignorance, dealing with fear, uncertainty and social stigma are highly stressful. In addition to aid for medical treatment, timely guidance and continued support are essential to help them cope.
Dream Foundation seeks to assist these families through a broad-based support system.

Guidance, emotional support and counseling.
Aid for medical treatment and rehabilitation.
Health Awareness.
Family Support.
Empowerment of cancer affected women.

Victims of cancer and their families visit Dream Foundation between 11am - 4 pm, Monday through Friday except bank holidays.

Scholarship Program:
Annual scholarship are granted to children and dependents (age limit 18 years) of cancer patients who need support to pursue their education. 

The Application is to be submitted to the office of the DREAM FOUNDATION, along with the student's photograph and the following documents: 

 Medical certificate from an oncologist or hospital case papers 
 Latest Marksheet & School certificate stating [a] the standard/class [b] the fees for the year [c] date of birth

 Income certificate of Parent/Guardian & copy of ration card 
 Recommendation letter regarding the family & need for aid.

Cancer patients and their families may visit the Dream Foundation office by prior appointment. Referrals are required for new registrations.

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: Counseling at Dream Foundation Cancer Care Centre:

Our counselors are both professionals and non professionals who have confidence in their own identity and do not apologise or try to abscure it. They represent achievement and hard earned wisdom about dealing with cancer afflicted patient from 2 years to 60 years of age.

As with the army, which in centuries of dealing with human beings has learned without any psychological insight or sophistication, a great deal about the pragmatic management of their strength and weaknesses, so our volunteers called on to help cancer patients in distress have acquired, without any deep psychological awareness, estimable stores of practical ways of helping people get through difficult period of lives.

Our counselor always focus on the current conscious life situation of the individual patient seeking help. They try to strengthen the healthy defenses, and psychological resources, of the cancer patient who come to their help. 
They assist the patient on the conscious level, try to seal the conflict in their mind and coupled with misunderstanding, are often an enormous and successful source of support for them.

These basic motions are the cornerstones of successful counseling by our dedicated team.

Understanding is at the heart of all good counseling, which helps the bewildered people see their dilemma in better perspective. 

Counseling at Dream Foundation is not restricted to the patient alone but it reaches out to their loved ones who are equally in distress. This helps creating a positive environment in the whole family. 

Our counselors convey very strongly that the cancer patients are not alone in facing their lives dilemma and that Dream Foundation is an extension of their immediate family. 

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes
Donation possibilities:  yes

Contact Details:
Dream Foundation
107, Municipal Industrial Estate,
Off Dr.E.Moses Road, Worli,
Mumbai 400018.
Video-Call: 91-22-24959963

Phone: (91)022-2497 3412 
Fax: (91)022-24973413
Karmayogi: Mr. K. M. Aarif
home: 2307 9017
cell: 9820626210

Trustees: Dream Foundation Trustee And President Support services to cancer patients undergoing treatment at the major oncology centers in Mumbai and scholarships for education.
 Associated Industrial Urban Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director Economic Self-reliance and development of small enterprises through Co-operative Credit. 
 Alliance Foundation President & Trustee: Dilip Kumar
Trustee: I.M.Kadri
Managing Trustee: K.M.Aarif Promotion of primary education. 
Youth Career Guidance & Job Placement Center President Guidance for students & job aspirants
United Economic Forum President: K.M.Aarif
Patron:Dilip Kumar, I.M.Kadri Economic and social betterment of minorities; Promotion of amity among different section of Society; Joint programs of public welfare and awareness among Muslims and other communities. 
Mohalla Committee Movement Trust Chairman: B.G.Deshmukh
Exee.Chairman: J. Ribeiro
Trustees: Satish Sahney, R.h.Mendonca, K.M.Aarif, Faroque Shaikh, Farida Lambay, Dr.P.P.Jamkhedkar