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The Central Society for the Education of the Deaf
Oral education and integration of H.I. children
Registration No: F1438 { Bom}

Mission: Traing Hearinjg impaired children from 8mths.onwards to listen and soeak,and integrate them into schools for normal hearing children

Runs Maitri - an Infant Training Centre.
Runs the Central School for the Deaf

60 children in the school.
15 children in Maitri
4 cochlear-implanted children for rehabilitation

History: Commenced in Nov.1966. Teaches in English and marathi. Uses the oral method. Does Regular Auditory Assassments on the children. Gives FREE EDUCATION, mid-day meal, and milk to all the children. has a school bus.

Projects/Achievements: Has assessment, audiogram & Hearing Aid trials and fitting, parent counselling & guidance, speech and language thearpy and a school ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: Give every hearing impaired child the chance to listen, learn and speak, thus enabling him to be a active part of our essentially hearing and speaking world.

How can you work with others? : By showing what we do.

Yearly Budget: Rs. 35 lakhs
Revenue Sources: State govrenment, Corporates, Friends and wellwishers
Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs. 15 - 20 lacs per annum

full time: 18
part time: 8-10
volunteers: ----

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: no
Advisors / Mentors needed: no
Jobs Available: no
Donation possibilities: Rs. 48,000/- per annum; or funds for projects e.g. hearing aid fund project, Corpus fund project, etc.   

Contact Details:
The Central Society for the  Education of the Deaf
Municipal schoool Bldg, 3rd. Fl.
Farook Umarbhoy Path,
opp. YMCA swimming pool
Agripada, Mumbai 400011
Phone: 23087798
Fax: x
website: x
Karmayogi: Mrs. M. J. Behlihomji (best time to call: 2-4pm)

Mrs. M.J.Behlihomji, Hon. Chairperson
Mr. J. R. Behlihomji, Hon. Treasurer
Mrs. K. R. Jayakar, Hon Sec.