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COURAGE INDIA -the Cancer patient benefit foundation
helping them live , not just survive...
Registration No: GBBSD 1086/98, Bombay public Trust Act F/20653

About us: COU-RAGE INDIA provides an altogether new dimension into the fight against CANCER. Leading from the front as the President of COU-RAGE INDIA, Mr. Iyer (himself a Cancer survivor) is already involved whole heartedly in helping the needy victims by Medical, Financial, Psychological and Medico-legal intervention and has emerged victorious, and today is the driving spirit. We realise that our efforts are only a drop in a sea of untold turmoil and hopelessness. It will take much more than just the efforts of our highly capable team to even make a small difference to the vast ocean that CANCER rules over.
Yet, with tireless vigor, COU-RAGE INDIA pursues the goals it has set for itself.

We provide monetary assistance for medical and surgical requirements to needy cancer patients.
We enable them to make well-informed decisions.
We offer psychological help to severely distressed patients, and their relatives to cope with the disease.
We aid those ostomates who are not able to afford stoma bags.
We prepare medical literature and maintain a medical library where patients study about their disease and treatment.
We hold regular interactions between patients and survivors.
We hold regular programs to dissuade people from substance abuse. 
Vision: city where no cancer patient will die on the streets; in agony, pain, and we hope and pray that we are able to realise our dream PRASHANTHI which will enable the patients to live until they depart.


All these years Courage India has gained tremendous experience in the field of cancer through the patients who have shared their innermost fears,and feelings.We are fortunate indeed to have gained the patronage of some of the most influential personalities who support our noble cause.
Helping someone with cancer is no simple matter. You need to know how to help. We need to help them not rescue. Rescuing behaviour starts with the view that the patient is a victim and a victim is helpless and hopeless. We need to support the patient and respect his autonomy and thus play a vital role.

We at courage India are fully aware of the fact that "time may be one of the luxuries that these patients might not have" and hence aid is usually provided within 24 hours.

To give them a feeling of importance and that they are not alone in this big fight, our staff with the assistance visit such patients and their families to educate, and encourage them to play a vital role. Witnessing the health and joy of those who have gotten well again is a very inspiring experience. For most patients, the only place to meet people with the same illness is in the waiting room of an oncology clinic or chemotherapy ward. People in these settings tend to be upset and anxious, and under these circumstances the conversation is seldom uplifting.

Our library has all the latest books on every topic related to Cancer. This is of immense help to the patients who could know more about the disease and the treatments, and thus can decide the best course of treatment and thus play a positive role in his recovery. This also aids him to make informed consent.

Lymphedema is caused due to excessive accumulation of body fluid, and is caused by the treatments. It needs a lot of psychological support by those who have this side effect. This reduces mobility to a great extent. The treatment consists of stockings, drainage, and keeping the affected limb elevated.

Stoma is an artificial anus on the abdominal surface to facilitate the excretion through special, expensive appliances. This too requires psychological support to ward off the suicidal tendencies, and it requires months of interaction to make the patients accept the harsh reality of living with the nightmare called STOMA. Such patients tend to isolate themselves from the society for the fear of ostracism.

We all wish for a serene death. Cancer, unlike other causes of death usually gives ample time to prepare, and preparations can be very comforting. Many a times, the patients are in a situation, which in medical parlance is called TERMINAL. Such patients need much more than just counseling. He needs to be talked to, explain his position in a subtle manner and the truth unfolded in the proper way. This is done through the staff, priests, and the bereaved families. This is of great value to the patient as it helps him to make sure that he has set all in order such as his will, his accounts, and other formalities which will make sure that after his time, his family shall not be burdened.

For many patients, dying is greatly eased by the knowledge that loved ones will survive and be cared for when they are gone. This can involve financial questions, such as how the children's education will be provided for, and it can also focus on more personal, emotional questions. And that is death is with DIGNITY.

After death of a loved one to Cancer, the family is stunned, and often finds themselves in a quandary not knowing how to deal with the complex situation. This could be greatly disturbing, and at the same time proving a hindrance in their daily lives. We first help them to accept death, and the means of coping with the loss. This is made possible with the help of bereaved families who come forward, and share their stories thus reducing the guilt, and sorrow.

COU-RAGE INDIA has been visiting patients at the hospital and their homes, and tried to educate them and realize the futility and danger of smoking. This was done through literature, and personal interaction.

However, we have to admit that in this sphere, we have much true success as quitters often restart smoking when the craving becomes unbearable

COU-RAGE INDIA is of the firm belief that smokers need to be educated on the ills of smoking, the chemical content in a cigarette, the tar content, the carcinogenic content and all the hidden facts of a cigarette. Just warning will not do. All these so-called campaigns, seminars, banners are not making an impact.

At last we feel that this vicious addiction can now be combated and controlled through the new product, which really understands as to why a person smokes, and uses this factor to wean him from this deadly habit permanently.

COU-RAGE INDIA brings an altogether approach in cancer welfare by taking care not just the financial needs, but also the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and is always sincerely endeavoring to understand their needs in a more practical manner. After all COU-RAGE INDIA is formed by cancer survivors for the cancer patients

History: We started in 1998, and since then we are making sincere, devoted and passionate endeavors in making sure that the patients smile and help them in every possible and within our means.

Achievements: THE WEBSITE has enabled many patients to learn more about the disease, and the treatments, and thus get themselves educated and take an active role in their recovery.

the foundation has been able to help over 226 patients through direct immediate financial aid, psychological support, lymphedema counselling, stoma support, and bereavement counselling.


PRASHANTHI"    (The proposed project of COURAGE INDIA)
This project was planned and proposed after proper investigations, and taking the immediate needs of the patients. PRASHANTHI shall not only house the terminally ill , but also grant the terminally ill, and the recovering an opportunity to live holistically, amidst nature, and a diet free of all chemicals.

The high points shall be meditation, music therapy, ayurveda, Biofeedback, recreation so that they could manage their stress in a positive and fruitful manner. Other areas include pain management, stress management, and massage therapy.

PRASHANTHI shall be developed on a 5-acre plot amidst scenic beauty, and shall be free from pollution of all kinds. In the first phase , we plan to construct 10,000 sq feet, and finally about 50,000 sq feet to be covered in phases. PRASHANTHI will train its staff from TATA CANCER Hospital, and has already enlisted the support of professionals in the field of alternative medicine, music and naturopathy.

All efforts shall be directed towards one single objective, and that is to make their stay of the patients as close to home-like as possible, and to ensure that they get what they wish for.



What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?:
direct immediate financial aid.

ostomate support for those incontinent patients who are not able to buy the expensive bags for urine or fecal disposal.

lymphedema counseling for those patients whose arms or limbs are swollen due to the treatments such as radiation.

substance abuse counselling for those who smoke.

patient -survivor interactions.

regular events for patients, film shows, outings etc.

and not the least ,bereavement counselling for those who hve lost their loved one to this disease.

How can you work with others? : there can be a tie up with corporates, sponsors for our project through which they could get not only mileage and show that they do care, but also abundant grace.

and more on this topic can be discussed and decided. for this we have with us a gentleman who is a jamnalal bajaj alumni ( MBA ), who will be the best person to devise novel ways which could benefit the corporates in the best and maximum way possible.

If they want to visit you?: yes
Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?: yes
talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club: yes
Yearly Budget: Rs.15 LACS
Revenue Sources: concerts, and donors.

Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs.15 lacs as long as it helps the patients and serves our objectives.

full time: 7
part time: 7
volunteers: 25

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes
Donation possibilities: just contribute from the heart, but before that pls try to feel what a cancer patient goes through ?

Contact Details
Contact: venkat iyer / venkat krishnamurthy / ravi banka
Phones: 55750816 / 98704 08200 / 32609056 (best time to call: any time)
Fax: x

Trustees: venkat iyer, vimal joshi, ankit garg, r sainath, amruta goel, janaki goel, stanley das

"When we deal with a disease as cancer, in each patient's case, his story is moving, and each case is enough to make our eyes swell with tears."