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Community Outreach Programme (CORP)

For twenty-five years CORP (Community Outreach Programme) has been telling people to go fish. Or in other words to fend for themselves! Because at CORP we believe that self sufficiency, not dependence is the key to a life of dignity and self respect. This is the belief that gave birth to CORP and is the common thread that binds all it’s activities through the last two decades.

Beginning with three staff members and a four year grant from the world hunger project of Methodist churches in Southern Asia , today CORP has grown one hundred.

It’s programmes focus on one of the most deprived and neglected sections of society- the slum dwellers of Mumbai. Activities stretch from Kaner near Virar to Dharavi, Jogeshwari, Kurla, Matunga, Thane, Ambernath…all the ways to Talegaon.

CORP’s dedicated staff is often drawn from the very communities they serve. Which means they can better understand and empathize with the problems of the people they work with. In fact CORP owes most of it’s achievements to it’s team of committed and trained individuals. They have worked tirelessly to improve conditions in the slums where health, education and poverty are some of the fundamental issues that CORP has chosen to tackle head- on.

Programmes for children
The hopeless cry of a neglected child can be the most haunting sound in the world. To ignore it is to ignore our own tomorrow. CORP reaches out to touch the lives of these children through it’s various services and programmes.

Creches and Day Care Centres
Children of working mothers are provided with safe, caring environments so that they are not neglected while family members are busy. Knowing are their children are being well looked after while they are working enables many women to step outside the home to earn a living.

Pre-school and non formal Education
The child lives in a world of wonder. Unfortunately it’s curiosity and spirit are often crushed by a lack of opportunity. To counteract this CORP provides non- formal education programmes. To combat scholastic backwardness and drop- outs regular coaching classes are held. Extra- curricular recreational activities, competitions and sports meets are also important parts of CORP’s activities for baccha log.

Sponsorship Programmes
This programme is designed to reduce school drop-outs who either have only one living parent or parents too incapacitated to earn a living. Providing medical aid and employment assistance is part of this programme.

Reaching out to street children
Of all the deprived children in our society, the street child is the most vulnerable. Many are runaways and have no roof over their heads. CORP reaches below the age of fifteen through it’s day care programme. Recreational facilities, a mobile medical unit and non-formal vocational training form part of this programme. Each child is also given a shared locker for safe keeping of his belongings.

CORP has a center for the handicapped and caters to the educational and medical needs of the deaf and Orthopaedically handicapped. A physiotherapist visits community based rehabilitation centers once a week and local health workers have been trained to conduct regular exercise sessions.
Physically handicapped children are operated on to correct defects. Calipers, prosthetic and hearing aids are provided where necessary. Mentally handicapped children are identified and referred to appropriate institutions.

Vocational training for youth

The youth of a nation determine the quality of its future. To promote feeling of self worth and confidence amongst them CORP provides them with training in leadership skills. It teaches them to shoulder responsibilities through youth clubs and vocational training. Garments making, beautician, mehendi application course and farming methods are some of the skills taught. The vocational training institute at Talegaon also conducts electrical wireman, auto-repair and welding courses.

This project offers invaluable opportunities for the youth to become economically self- sufficient and provides them with a sense of purpose.

Empowering Woman

Economic independence is the key to raising the social status of women. CORP tries to achieve this priority objective by focusing on education and financial independence.

Regular meetings and discussions promote awareness of health, hygiene, nutrition, women’s rights, communal harmony and other issues that have a direct impact on women’s lives.

Health and Nutrition

Traditionally women receive the least healthcare. CORP ensures that a visiting gynecologist is available at the community centres every month to attend to personal health problems and expectant mothers. Follow up care is provided by local health workers.

Cooking classes teach women about low cost balanced meals while a community kitchen provides nutritious food to children and lactating mothers.  

Community Care

The community care and counseling center regularly follows up cases of women with problems either through police intervention or through the family.

The women contribute their savings to a special revolving fund which can be utilized by them in times of need.

Solutions to problems are worked out together with the local leadership.

Awareness on issues like AIDS, Alcoholism and Dowry is generated through street plays.

Training and Development

To motivate and enrich each worker, on the job training is provided to all members of CORP. Senior staff also conduct workshops for the training of other social organisations.

Looking back

In the words of Mr. Nitin M. Shinde, Director, CORP….”…. The CORP family can feel proud of it’s achievements. The changes in attitudes, the insights gained, the experiences shared will continue to influence many to carry on…. There have been difficulties also. Lack of funds, of trained personnel, of space…. but we have survived. Thanks to all the supports we have received and continue to receive…sometimes from distant places and people we know little about….”.

Looking Forward

The journey that began twenty five years ago still continues.. and as long as people continues to care and to value human lives CORP will continue to nurture the spirit of self reliance that exists in every human being…reaching out, touching and transforming lives.

Future plans include…

Night shelter for boys and expansion of our shelter for girls, provision of technical/ vocational trainings, researching out to individual & families affected by HIV/ AIDS.

Contact us  

Community Outreach Programme (CORP)
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