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Community Outreach Programme ( CORP )
Holistic Development Of Women And Children
Registration No: BOM- 338/77

About us: We are a registered organisation working in the different slum communities of Mumbai. We are involved in community development programmes with focus on children and women. 

Vision: Mumbai to be a cent percent literate state, people to be free from superstitious belief and aware about what's going around them.

Mission: Through education to all and through the process of each one teach one.

Services: Education, nutrition, health, self-help groups, shelter for street children, vocational training.

Impact: Every year a total of 1000 children in the age of 2-5 yrs are taught through our different centres in Mumbai. Besides this, coaching is given to about 400 school going children and 50 NFE students.

History: The organisation was registered in 1977. it began with one cetre in Dharavi and 3 staff. Today it is working in 13 slum communities with 20 centres and staff of 70. Our main focus is on women and children with emphasis on education, health and empowerment.

Projects: We have a project for physically challenged children, shelter for street children both boys and girls. The change observed in these children has been an acheivement for us specially in education and extra-curricular activities.

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: We try to give every thing to a child which is her/his right.

How can you work with others? :
- Corporates and sponsors could take up any of our projects for funding and we shall be able to furnish them any information as and when required and there will be transparency in all dealings.
- With NGOs and schools, we can network with them in similiar projects for better results.
- With the GOVT, we can take up projects with them dealing with women and children.  
If they want to visit you?: yes
Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?: yes
Yearly Budget: Rs. 50 lacs
Revenue Sources: Foreign - cologne pesch, HCDI, MSF, DASRA
Local - Govt, local donors
Corporates can adopt us at yearly Rs. 8-10 lacs

full time: 70
part time: 10
volunteers: 15-20

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes 
Donations-in-kind needed : yes
Services needed: no
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: no
Donation possibilities: To sponsor  a child from the street requires Rs. 20,000 a year = or only education Rs. 3,288, clothing Rs. 1,000, food Rs. 7,200, Medicines Rs. 1,000, Books Rs. 750, Bedding Rs. 300.

Contact Details
Community Outreach Programme
Methodist Centre, 21 Y.M.C.A Rd, 1st floor, Mumbai Central, Mumbai-400008.
Phone: 23086789 (9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m)
Fax: 23073406
Contact: Mrs Rosamma George
phone direct: 23073406 (9.30a.m - 5.00p.m)
cell: 31102035 (8.00a.m - 8.00p.m)

email personal:
Trustees: Bishop S. K. Beecham

Child Haseena of the shelter for street girls has excelled in studies and stood first for the scholarship exam in her school.