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Why it was set up, what it has done and what it intends to do
Citizens for Peace (CFP) is a non-political organization that was formed in response to the violence and anarchy that ravaged Mumbai in 1992-93. We are a group of concerned citizens who spontaneously banded together out of revulsion at the tragic events that rocked the city then. We are driven by the determination to reaffirm Mumbai's cosmopolitan ethos and   liberal, enlightened tradition.
Although CFP began as an ad-hoc effort, it rapidly grew into an efficient crisis-relief unit geared to coping with different aspects of distress caused by the riots. At the time, it maintained a round-the-clock office to deal expeditiously with urgent cases of distress and danger to life.  CFP was able to collect donations and help from many sources and use it all to help victims of the violence in different ways. This work was made possible by a task force of highly motivated CFP volunteers across Mumbai.
In the years since then, CFP has remained concerned about the growing intolerance and vandalism in the name of religion. We worry about other violence too, but our focus on religion recognizes how destructive a force it can be turned into. The horrific events in Gujarat in 2002 clearly tell us that communal violence, and the state's failure to prevent or punish it, are among the greatest challenges before Indian society today.
We believe that citizens' groups must address this challenge. Thus CFP will:
1)     Strongly oppose intolerance and violence in the name of religion
2)     Generate public pressure on the state to fulfill its constitutional obligations when faced with such violence
3)     Help with relief and rehabilitation measures for the victims of violence.
4)     Analyze the ways in which law and order breaks down during communal violence and suggest remedies.
5)     Counter the prejudices and propaganda that cause communal violence, and promote goodwill and harmony between communities.
In addition to these objectives, CFP believes the time has come to articulate clearly a vision for India; or, put another way, to inject new life into the vision for India that Indians had looked forward to building in 1947. Our concern is that the future of this country is at stake today, and we believe we must spell out how we see that future. This vision will be founded on liberal, secular, and humane values that have space for every Indian.  It will find a new, vibrant definition for such terms as secularism and democracy in the context of India today. This is essential to the role CFP sees for itself, and the wider context of this vision will define some of the activities that CFP, a purely volunteer-based group, takes on.
The Trustees and Managing Committee of Citizens for Peace are listed below:
Titoo Ahluwalia
B G Deshmukh
Cyrus Guzder
Rina Kamath
Julio Rebeiro
Atul Setalvad
Dolly Thakore
Managing Committee
Titoo Ahluwalia
Rajni Bakshi
Devieka Bhojwani
Dilip DíSouza
Rina Kamath
Rajit Kapur
Dolly Thakore
Pervin Varma
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