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CEHAT- Center for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes
Research Centre of Anusandhan Trust
Health and Human Rights
Basic health care - a fundamental right 

CEHAT, in Hindi is “Health”. CEHAT, is the research centre of Anusandhan Trust . It is involved in research, action, service and advocacy on health and allied themes.

Anusandhan Trust is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 (Registration No. E-13480, Mumbai) and under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976 (Registration No.083780565). All Donations/grants to CEHAT must be in favour of the Anusandhan Trust.

Socially relevant and rigorous academic health research and health action at CEHAT is for the well being of the disadvantaged masses, for strengthening people's health movements and for realising right to health care. CEHAT acts as an interface between progressive people's movements and academia.

Undertake socially relevant research and advocacy projects on various socio-political aspects of health. Establish direct services and programmes to demonstrate how health services can be made accessible, equitably and ethically.

Disseminate information through databases and relevant publications, supported by a well-stocked and specialised library and a documentation centre, including our website, . We have over 9,000 books and reports, 4,000 reprints and also various journals, newsletters, newspaper clippings, databases and audiovisual material. The facilities are open to researchers, students, activists, journalists, public health workers and others.


As a principle, we do not regard society as an object of experimentation and data collection merely for intellectual gratification.

All efforts in CEHAT endeavour to create space for the participation of people without compromising on academic rigour. Our ethical guidelines for research are structured around informed consent, confidentiality and relaying information back to relevant segments of society. Projects are reviewed for their ethical content by an Institutional Ethics Committee, a body consisting of 6 external and 3 internal members.

A Social Accountability Group, comprising individuals other than the CEHAT team and Anusandhan Trust members, periodically evaluates our functioning as an institution.


We are a multi disciplinary team with training and experience in Medicine, Life Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences, Social Work, Journalism, Library & Information Science and Law.

We have a democratic and participatory mode of decision-making. While trustees of the Anusandhan Trust constitute the Governing Board, the Working Group elected by the staff members directs the day-to-day functioning of CEHAT . The Coordinator is appointed by the Trust and is the ex-officio member of the WG. Each member is evaluated annually by a panel of two members of which one is chosen by the candidate and the other by the WG. The coordinator is similarly evaluated by a panel from the trustees.

OUR INITIATIVES (1994 - 2002)

CEHAT's projects are based on its ideological commitment and priorities, and are focused on four broad themes:
  1. Health Services and Financing
  2. Health Legislation, Ethics & Patients' Rights
  3. Women's Health
  4. Investigation and Treatment of Psycho-Social Trauma

An increasing part of this work is being done collaboratively and in partnership with other organisations and institutions.

Collaboration Possibilities:
How can you work with corporates, sponsors, other NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotaries, govt?
  - corporates for fund raising - awareness campaigns and events
  - NGOs- partners in various advocacy campaigns
 - schools- Guest lectures on the issues of health and human organising compeititions, dramatics, debate, street plays on various issues
  - hospitals- e.g. working at Bhabha counselling centre- dilaasa
 - Rotaries- awareness on laws,  health issues and human rights
  - Govt- resaearch and advocacy

If you can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club or Ladies Association, please state:
    1) human rights and women rights- especially in indian context- all types
    2) violence against women
    3) sex selection and sex determination
    4)  demystifying laws
    5) right to health care campaign
- full-time 40
- part-time 2
- volunteers 5  
Contact Details:  
Survey No. 2804 & 2805, Aaram Society Road,Vakola, Mumbai 400 055.
Tel: 26673571, 26673154
Fax: 26673156
Karmayogi: Ms. Kamayani


Amar Jesani: Graduate in medicine. Has been involved for almost two decades in social sciences health research, with experience in trade unions, working class and human rights organisations. He was the founder coordinator of CEHAT from 1994-1999.  During 2000 -2002 was Programme Coordinator at the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies (Thiruvananthapuram). Presently works as a freelance consultant on ethics and health and human rights issues.

Dhruv Mankad: Graduate in medicine. He is a leading spokes person on Primary Health Care in Maharashtra. He was director of VACHAN, a Nashik based NGO, for nine years. Presently Managing Trustee of Anusandhan Trust.

Manisha Gupte: Masters in microbiology. She is a leading spokesperson at the National level on Women’s rights and health issues. A founder trustee of MASUM, a grassroots-level woman centered development organisation based in Pune.

Mohan Deshpande: Graduate in medicine. Involved for more than a decade in school health education and training of Village Health Workers. Has prepared training manuals and conducts health training of teachers in schools.

Padma Prakash:  Doctorate in sociology. Women’s rights, health activist, journalist and editor


Vibhuti Patel: Doctorate in economics. Women’s rights, and social activist. Has made important contribution to women’s studies and gender economics. Presently, Professor and Head Dept. of  Economics, SNDT University, Mumbai.

OUR  COORDINATOR (since Nov. 1999)

Ravi Duggal: Masters in sociology and business management. Has been involved in social sciences and health research for over two decades. Has done pioneering work on health financing/economics, private health sector, and health systems and policies.  Was  associated with FRCH for more than a  decade as a senior researcher and was country coordinator of Swissaid, a NGO donor agency based in Switzerland. He has also worked as a fulltime WHO consultant in the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and was a member of the 9th Five year Plan sub-committee on Health Financing Strategies. He has authored over 80 papers and articles and 15 Books and Research Reports.