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Committed Action for Relief and Education (CARE)
I am only one!! but Still I am one!!!

Registration No: Public Trust No- F-25680 (Mumbai)

About us: Committed Action for Relief and Education (CARE) is an Indian NGO; registered under Societies Registration Act and Public Trust Act and was formed by a group of committed people from the development field in the year 1998. The Mission was to bring people, their ideas and knowledge together and provide a platform for helping the underprivileged section of the society.

Considering the magnitude and complexity of problems like communalism, deprivation, discrimination and exploitation etc it was realized by the group that only a few people could hardly do anything. There is a need for a long term, professional, concerted and continuous effort. Problems like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Blindness, other physical disabilities; Orphan Children, Slum, Poverty, Population explosion, Corruption, Unemployment, Communal disturbances and others such are rampant. Some of them have really become hurdles in the development of our country.

Committed Action for Relief and Education (CARE) are working with the Philosophy as follows:

"I am only one
But Still I am one
I cannot do everything
But Still I can do something
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the
Something that I can do......."

(By Edward Everett Hale)

We are working in two major Areas:

1.       Relief  (Short term and long term activities through field based interventions, Focus on the special groups and community developments with the help of various stake holders

2.       Education the foundation for actual and everlasting change through empowerment of people, training, seminars, workshops etc.

To develop a team of Committed and trained volunteers to fight with above issues, we have started a six-month training course with support of Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) since 2002. TISS is a pioneer institute in INDIA in the field of training in Social Work and Management. TISS is also a deemed University. This course brings an insight to the issues and problems faced by the world and talks about different intervention strategies and best practices in the field of social work. The course emphasizes on practical fieldwork with combination of theory classes. This course is planned to adjust to the present days requirements and it suits to the working people also.

We are also organising several courses, workshops and seminars:
CARE also working on the philosophy "Not word but Deeds" to start some action programmes and field based programme to create a model interventions for the field of Development by interventions in Community work and working with different groups. It will help to create a platform to the people who have trained in our various courses.

Our Vision   

CARE's vision is of an empowered society where all its members will be supported and encouraged to gain self-confidence and awareness in order to reach the best of their potential for their individual and social development. A society in which every member will adopt tolerance, dignity, respect and knowledge as the basic values of their lives and will be able to pass those values to future generations for further mobilization of global peace and understanding.   

Our Mission     

We desire to act directly towards the solution to the problems that plague our society by experimenting in different development models, disseminating information to the community and implementing tested models for community development in collaboration with all stakeholders. Our mission is to provide awareness and motivation and to encourage cooperation and actions. We aim to supply society with people committed and devoted in the joined effort undertaken in the social field, that will further promote unity and empowerment through their own houses and through community activities.

Our Values     

CARE in its each steps towards its vision, tries to upheld the following values:  

  • We believe that every human has potential to contribute towards the development of self and the society at large.
  • We approach our work based on the principle of mutual respect, valuing diversity and recognizing the innate worth and opinion of all people.
  • We work in a spirit of collaboration with local communities and other organizations.
  • We are accountable for our actions and are honest and transparent in our communications with all the stakeholders.
  • We are open-minded, creative, ready to face challenges and aim for constant improvement in our work.
  • We are committed to our vision and we proceed our effort with sincere interest and ethical efforts.

Impact: 280 people from different walks of life including varied age groups and experience are trained by us in last four years. Several students joined the alumni association and several have started their own organizations to support people. The studens have done collective interventions in HIV/AIDAS issue, Street Children Survey, Tsunami Relief Work, Mumbai Relief Work etc. Around 40% of the students joined Social Work field after doing this course.

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?:

Training and Development.
       -          Workshop and Seminars.
       -          Awareness Programmes on various Issues
       -          Capacity Building of the Organisation.
       -          Balwadis and Schools for Child labors.
       -          Adoption of Tribal village.  

How can you work with others? : We can provide the committed and trained team of volunteers and paraprofessional workers for the NGOs. We can do the capacity building programs for CBOs and NGOs.Our participants of the course are supported by various  NGOS, Corporate and Rotary projects. Some are self-supported.  

Yearly Budget: Rs.5 lakhs.

Revenue Sources: Course Fees, Consultancy Fees, Support from funding organizations, Grants from NGOs and Corporate and Government Grants  

Full time: Eight
Part time: Six
volunteers: 50

Help Needed:
Volunteer: yes
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: Please check with us by mail  

The Financial Schemes:-

  1. Support a poor and needy student by sponsoring his fees of Rs. 1500 per year to do the part time Social Work Course
  2. Sponsor a customized training for Self Help Groups / Mahila Mandal and Small NGOs staff
  3. Corporate sponsorship of Rs. 125,000 per course by giving their name and patronizing the course. Etc
  4. Sponsor the Interventions programmes of CARE
  5. Rs. 500 to sponsor one child for Balwadi

Contact Details:-

Committed Action for Relief and Education

B-304, Behind C. D. Deshmukh Garden
Near RPF Quarters, Mulund (East),
Mumbai 400 081

Phone: 9869471240
Contact: Shrinivas Sawant

Phone: Home: 25900526 (best time to call: 8.30 pm to 11.00 pm)
Cell: 9869471240 (best time to call: All time)


E-mail personal:

Sharad Sawant
Ram Adsule
Vikas Sawant
Salim Patel
Pravin Damle
Prakash Sawant
Shrinivas Sawant