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United Way

About the Organisation

United Way Mumbai was established in 2002. A young organisation, United Way Mumbai acts as a platform which focuses on bringing together corporate India and the NGO sector. Corporates are encouraged to formally share their joint corporate social responsibility programmes and encouraged to build partnerships and synergies in working with the NGO sector. The aim is to creating a brighter, cleaner, healthier community that provides an overall acceptable standard of living for all its citizens.

United Way looks toward corporate India for partnerships not only in fund-raising but also in guidance, long-term strategizing, assuming responsibility for specific sectors, bringing in participation from other corporates as well as volunteering their staff on a semi-full time basis.

The United Way Board a corporate Board

  1. The United Way Board is a corporate Board- all members on the Board are representative of the corporate sector
  2. New members are solicited based on specific skills and expertise as required by the Board at a given point in time and more importantly having the time that they can commit to the organisation.
  3. No new member is invited to the Board without the same being discussed in at least two Board meetings
  4. Decisions are always made by consensus.
  5. The Board is very proactive and participates in an extremely involved manner in supporting the CEO discharge her responsibilities to enhance the capacity of the organisation.
  6. There are six committees that form a part of the Board that comprise members from the Board and these include an advisory , grant making , payroll giving , finance public relations and a United Way India committee
  7. The roles and responsibilities of each of these committees is well articulated and defined and members are aware of the same.
  8. Board members are also aware of their individual responsibilities and there is mutual agreement on what is expected of each person in terms of time, task and commitment.
  9. Committees meet once in three months.
  10. The governing Board meets every month.
  11. Communication is open, transparent and optimal.
  12. The Board reviews itself informally periodically and is always aware of the areas that need more inputs, greater strengthening. This has ensured that the Board is always functioning at an optimal level within the context of the best interests of the organisation

United Way may be contacted at

Grant Annexe Bhaskar Rao Kargutkar Marg Behind Strand Cinema Colaba, Mumbai 400 005. Tel: 00 91 22 2202 9658