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About the Organisation

Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) was established in 1983. It is registered in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act, as also under the relevant income tax laws governing charitable organisations.

PRADAN is a voluntary organization. It currently works in selected villages in 27 districts across 7 states through small teams based in the field. The focus of its work is to promote and strengthen livelihoods for the rural poor. This involves organizing them, enhancing their capabilities, introducing ways to improve their incomes and linking them to banks, markets and other economic services. PRADAN comprises professionally trained people motivated to use their knowledge and skills to remove poverty by working directly with the poor. It addresses the key felt needs of the sector livelihood creation.

About the PRADAN Board

  1. The fundamental responsibility of any governing entity is a fiduciary one- to communicate and demonstrate to the public that the organisation being governed is financially accountable and honest.
  2. The Board in PRADAN is renewed through co-option of suitable individuals identified by a sub committee of the Board.
  3. A rotation policy exists and the constitution allows the Board to renew itself every 3 years.
  4. No individual can remain a Board member for more than two consecutive terms of three years each.
  5. Members to the initial Board were selected on the basis of their interest in PRADAN and the contributions that they could make. Increasingly, now, the organisation has begun to look at potential members from the sectors that it believes will be able to add value to the programme too. For example, as PRADAN has started to enhance linkages with government, they have taken on a member from the government sector on to their Board.
  6. The Board in PRADAN provides oversight and guidance and ensures that the organisation maintains the highest standards of accountability.
  7. Members represent a diverse cross section of individuals from all sectors.
  8. There is clarity about what the role of the Board is vis a vis the management and consensus that the focus of its role is to facilitate organisational mission attainment.
  9. All major strategic and policy related decisions have to be approved by the Board.
  10. The management in PRADAN offers the Board ample opportunity to understand the organisationís programmes, its changes and evolving needs.
  11. Access to information is high and staff is always available to the Board for any clarifications.
  12. Two members of staff are co-opted on the Board for a term of three years.
  13. The Board is conscious of potential Conflict of Interest situations and deals with it by ensuring that decisions are made by a process where the interested parties are either not present during the discussion or do not form a majority quorum on the Board.

PRADAN may be contacted at

Post Box No. 3827, 3 Community Shopping Centre, Niti Bagh, New Delhi 110 049 Tel: 011 2651 8619, 51640611
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