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About the Organisation

NFI’s mission is to create a society where every Indian can be a Citizen and has the capacity and capability to live a life of dignity and self –respect in a just and equitable society. NFI aims to

  1. 1. Raise funds both nationally and internationally and provide effective grants and support to the voluntary sector to enrich the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities.
  2. 2. Build a knowledge and learning institution to serve the voluntary sector from our experience gleaned from programmes nationally.
  3. 3. Pilot programmes based on any new thinking in the sector, and through action, learning and research, refine the processes.
  4. 4. Promote the creation of civic institutions and voluntarism within communities.
  5. 5. Evaluate professionally the programmes for their robustness, replicability and renewability.
  6. 6. Promote Indian philanthropy both individual and corporate to benefit the least advantaged section of society.

The NFI Board

  1. The constitution of the Board and the organisation were almost simultaneous processes in that a few individuals with a common vision came together and set up NFI. It was therefore a founding Board.
  2. The Board has since evolved in adding on a few new members.
  3. Criteria have included functional expertise and representation from the different sectors such as media, women’s health, gender justice and so on.
  4. Suggestions of potential Board members are made by members of the existing Board and shortlists are arrived at through a process of consensus.
  5. Board members serve no more than 2 consecutive terms of 3 years each.
  6. There is a lot of clarity in the Board about what its role is both as an entity as well as that of individuals and this has evolved as the organisation has grown and its needs and priorities changed in relation to its operating context.
  7. Members of staff are invited to be part of the programme committee of the Board
  8. There is overall coherence amongst the Board as about its role and functioning.
  9. While there is no formal conflict of interest policy that the Board has adopted, members are aware and where such a situation has occurred, the Board has dealt with the same objectively and appropriately.
  10. Communication is optimal, open and transparent. All important developments are communicated to the Board by the CEO
  11. Board members often act as advocates for NFI in their own contexts too.
  12. The Chair plays a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness of the CEO by being supportive and accessible to him for consultation whenever necessary

NFI may be contacted at

India Habitat Centre, Core 4-A, Upper Ground Floor, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003. India
: 91-11-24641865/8490/8491/8492