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Literacy India

About the Organisation

Literacy India works with children from under privileged background in rural and semi urban areas. At present it works in the villages around Palam Vihar,Gurgaon. The primary goal of Literacy India is sensitizing and involving people in the cause of children and youth. In line with the aim of the NGO, an experimental educational model has been taken up and gradually developed over the last nine years. Literacy India aims at total enrichment of a value education to the underprivileged

The Literacy India Board

  1. The Literacy India Board comprises four members , all of whom came together and founded the organisation, based on a common belief in the mission.

  2. The Board has a set of diverse skills and each of them engages with the organisation using those skills proactively.

  3. Since the Board is a founding Board, it continues to be involved in the day to day functioning of the organisation and has just begun to hand over programme management aspects to senior staff.

  4. Processes of decentralization are underway and the Board hopes to achieve the same in the next few years.

  5. Staff is encouraged to interact with the Board at all times. This enables the Board to be completely aware of what the organisation is engaged in and members are able to offer guidance and support more easily.

  6. The Board is very clear about what it is expected to do and there is clarity in terms of what individual members are also expected to contribute in terms of time and expertise.

  7. When it has been felt necessary, the Board has fallen back on an Honorary Committee which comprises individuals of calibre but who do not commit time on an on going basis.

  8. Communication is open and at this stage almost on a weekly basis between the staff and the Board and amongst Board members.

  9. The Board members also contribute to the organisation financially and this is an articulated expectation

  10. There is a formal acknowledgement of every Board memberís contribution and this has been an important practice in the organisation.


Literacy India may be contacted at
J-1365, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon-122017
Tel: 91- 124-5071223, 124-5070238, 124-5070692
Email  ,