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Jeevan Blood Bank

Jeevan’s aim is to provide the safest blood and blood components, acheive and sustain 100% voluntary blood donation and ensure repeat donation from 30% of blood donors.

Between the period 1992 and 1995, during working in a pathology laboratory the founder Trustees noted a sudden increase in the cases of Hepatitis B, C and HIV. Jeevan Blood Bank was set up to provide safe blood to those in need of transfusions.

Jeevan has now become a trusted source for safe blood and have made a positive difference to many lives.

Jeevan is a not for profit and caters to the needs of many underprivileged individuals completely free of cost

About the Board

  1. The Jeevan Board has evolved from three members who helped kick start the organisation to comprise a group of diverse individuals , each bringing in to the organisation a host of varied skills and expertise.
  2. The fundamental criteria have been a deep belief in the organisation’s mission, trust in the Founder and commitment of time.
  3. In addition, it has been important that Board members are also associated with other NGOs in some way or the other- this has helped the Board appreciate the context in which Jeevan operates.
  4. Board members have brought in not just their own skills and talent but also their networks and contacts. Importantly, there has been no hesitation to use these contacts for the organisation.
  5. This has been possible because of the caliber that the CEO has demonstrated in running the organisation effectively and efficiently.
  6. Staff have full access to the Board – senior staff also sit in on Board meetings.
  7. A high degree of faith in the CEO ‘s abilities and the corresponding autonomy given to him by the Board makes the governing role a lot clearer and the lines of authority and accountability very clearly drawn
  8. There is an informal review of contributions of individual Board members and the changing needs of the Board and challenges addressed through discussion and dialogue
  9. Board members are always publicly acknowledged for their contributions even though this is not an expectation.
  10. Conflict of Interest issues are understood by all Board members and in potential conflict situations the Board member is not involved in decision making or the governance function.
  11. The Board member in question in such a situation is not even allowed to make any public statements about Jeevan till the situation has been resolved.
  12. Decisions are always made through consensus and where there are disagreements they are resolved through dialogue and discussion.

Jeevan may be contacted at

7, Rutland gate 5th street, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600006 Tel: 91 44 52012222, 5201 00 33