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About the Organisation

Janarth is a registered Charitable Society formed in 1986. Janarth was formed by the coming together of a group of professionals from different fields, wanting to take up the challenge of bringing a perceivable change in the lives of people inhabiting backward regions.

Embodied in the logo "FREEDOM TO CHOOSE", is Janarth's belief that everyone has the freedom to choose his/her own road to development. As a group of professionals, our role is to bring an awareness of the sea of possibilities and development alternatives and bring them within the reach of the poorest.

The Janarth Board

  1. The composition and governance processes in any organisation must be determined by that which ‘serves the purpose’ of the organisation. This has formed the basis on which Janarth’s Board has been constituted.
  2. The Board members are all people whom the CEO knows.
  3. Members have been selected on criteria which include a fundamental agreement with Janarth’s vision and approach and the availability of time to give to the organisation.
  4. A fundamental belief in human rights and gender justice are the key factors that are considered in addition to others whilst selecting new Board members.
  5. There is conscious discussion of values, beliefs and approaches within the Board in the context of organisational growth and change.
  6. It’s a Board that is geographically diverse.
  7. The CEO is a Board member and this has been important for Janarth because there needs to be a sense of continuity. The absence of this would mean greater investment in education and socialization of the Board
  8. Decisions are always made in the context of knowledge and Board members trust the CEO completely to run the organisation effectively.
  9. The Board’s role is therefore to ‘oversee’ and guide long term policy and strategy.
  10. The Board believes that field perspectives have greater value and this forms the basis of all decision making that the Board is involved in.
  11. The organisation discharges its commitment to its mission diligently and this has been one of the greatest motivating factors for the Janarth Board.
  12. Communication is generally through and with the CEO but information is easily accessible and processes are transparent.
  13. The Board does review its contribution through informal means and there is a consciousness of the same.

Janarth may be contacted at

19, Samadhan, Colony Aurangabad - 431001 Maharashtra. Tel. 91-240-337479