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GIVE Foundation

About the organisation

GIVE (Giving Impetus to Voluntary Effort) was set up in 2000. It is a professionally governed and managed organisation dedicated to promote "giving". GIVE helps "good" NGOs raise funds and promote greater transparency & accountability in the voluntary sector. GIVE’s mission is to promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India.

Essentially, it lists ‘good’ organisations selected through a rigorous selection process. Donors are given the option to donate online to a variety of causes and organisations.

GIVE’s activities include a range of fundraising mechanisms such as hosting India’s largest online charity portal ( , payroll giving programmes, corporate philanthropy services, hosting India’s largest marathon etc

The GIVE Board 

  1. The GIVE Board has developed from one that comprised people who knew the CEO well at the time that the organisation was founded to a formally constituted Board today.
  2. This progression has been rapid and has kept pace with organisational growth and development reflecting the underlying congruence between organisational growth stage and governance needs
  3. At every stage of organisational growth, the Board has comprised individuals who have brought in expertise and skills that have been most needed at the time and that continue to be required currently.
  4. The current Board comprises very senior, experienced and highly respected individuals from the corporate and the NGO sector in India.
  5. Fundamentally all Board members BELIEVE in what GIVE wants to achieve for India and this forms the basis of their involvement and high degree of contribution
  6. The Board‘s role has been primarily been to provide oversight and guidance, and opening important doors for various activities of the Foundation at important times.
  7. Since all Board members are people of outstanding quality and leadership within their own contexts, the expectations from the organisation are high and this is reflected in their interaction with the management
  8. There is clarity in the management that implementation is entirely a staff job and this has formed the basis of soliciting inputs from the Board in an appropriate manner.
  9. Communication with the Board is largely through the CEO and is optimal. Between meetings this is limited to information of significant developments and is communicated by email.
  10. The CEO has invested time and effort INDIVIDUALLY with Board members to understand interests and availability of Board members in terms of time and expertise.
  11. The degree of cohesion within the Board is high and this has been a significant factor in creating a distinct ‘Board culture’.
  12. The Chair has played a very significant role both in nurturing the CEO, offering support and guidance at all times as well as managing Board room dynamics effortlessly.
  13. Overall a combination of high quality Board members, ensuring that optimal performance standards are always met within the organisation, and being open and receptive to suggestions and guidance given by the Board have enabled the organisation to draw out the best from the Board


GIVE Foundation may be contacted at

106, Pragati Ind. Estate, NM Joshi Marg, Mumbai - 400 011 Maharashtra, INDIA Tel: 91-22-3942 6400/01.
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