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DHAN Foundation

About the organisation

Development of Humane Action (DHAN) Foundation, a professional development organisation, was initiated on 2nd October 1997. It has been incorporated as a Public Trust.

Programmes range from direct intervention initiatives that address issues of poverty, unemployment., gender and rural development to facilitating and capacity building of people’s institutions .

The DHAN Board

  1. The DHAN Board comprises people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience. They are people who have demonstrated leadership and a high degree of credibility in the fields that they come from.
  2. Every one of the Board members is associated with the voluntary sector in one capacity or another and are therefore able to give of their expertise ‘within the context of development’.
  3. It is a ‘board of peers’ and that is conducive to a cohesive team spirit.
  4. There is a FUNDAMENTAL agreement among all Board members with the beliefs , approach and values of DHAN and members are familiar with the activities of the organisation
  5. Board members are primarily motivated by the quality of work done by DHAN and the senior staff and management ensure that standards are always maintained at an optimal level
  6. Expectations from them in terms of time and commitment and clarity of roles are articulated and discussed and there is no ambiguity around the same
  7. Board members are NOT involved in day to day operations and act as a ‘guiding Board’…offering guidance and reflecting on overall policy and direction of the organisation.
  8. ALL programme related proposals are presented to the Board and the Board is kept abreast of all developments within the organisation through simple means of communication (telephone, email etc) whenever necessary
  9. Senior staff are encouraged to meet individual members whenever possible and share their achievements, challenges and innovations within the programme . Staff engages with individual Board members to draw upon their specific skill or area of expertise.
  10. Board members are encouraged and opportunities proactively created for them to interact with all the stakeholders of the organisation
  11. Communication within the Board and between the Board and the management is open and transparent and consensus building and democratic discussions are the preferred approach to address any potential / actual conflicts.
  12. Board members are ALWAYS acknowledged and thanked for their contributions and there is a conscious awareness of inputs by the Board both as a collective single entity and of individual members.

DHAN foundation maybe contacted at

18, Pillaiyar Koil Street ,S.S. Colony, Madurai - 625 010 Tamil Nadu Tel: 452 - 2610794, 2610805 
Email:    URL