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CHILDLINE India Foundation

About the Organisation

1098 , a phone number that spells hope for millions of children across India, CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of aid and assistance. Any concerned adult or a child in need of help can dial 1098, the toll free number to access services. They not only respond to the emergency needs of children but also link them to services for their long-term care and rehabilitation. CHILDLINE, to date has responded to over 7.5 million calls from children across the nation

CHILDLINE is a partnership platform bringing together the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, the Department of Telecommunications, street and community youth, non-profit organisations, academic institutions, the corporate sector and concerned individuals.


  1. The Board comprises members from the government, the corporate, the academic and the NGO sector.
  2. Members are chosen on a few specific criteria that include a deep belief in the mission, skills that are required by the Board, linkages and networks that a member can bring in to enhance the effectiveness of the organisation, willingness to give time and be involved.
  3. A Board as diverse as the CHILDLINE one has required the CEO to be conscious at all times of individual member motivations and engage them appropriately
  4. Sometimes it has proved prudent to meet with some members who have more time more frequently and solicit inputs on important issues since the time available in Board meetings in itself is inadequate.
  5. Board members are encouraged and conscious efforts made by the organisation/CEO to enhance the interaction with the primary constituencies of the organisation.
  6. All Board members act as advocates for the organisation in their own contexts too.
  7. Board members are always acknowledged for their contributions by the organisation.
  8. Communication between the Board and the management is open and transparent.
  9. All Board members are kept informed of important developments in the organisation through email, telephonic conversations or board/personal meetings
  10. The role of the management is clear and the Board does not micromanage.

CHILDLINE maybe contacted at

2nd Floor, Nana Chowk Municipal School, Frere Bridge, Low Level, Near Grant Road Station, Mumbai - 400007, India Tel (91-22) 2388 1098 / 2384 1098 / 2387 1098 Email:    URL