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Association for Stimulating Know How

About ASK

Association for Stimulating Know how (ASK), established in 1992, is a non governmental organization (NGO) comprising a team of development professionals who are committed to the cause of community based development among the economically deprived and socially marginalized sectors of Indian society. ASK works as an intermediary organization providing support services to various development organizations which includes national, international and grassroots organisations and also bilateral projects. ASK has worked among the socio-economically deprived and marginalised communities including the women and the landless, in both rural and urban areas. With a view to address some of the vital development concerns itself, ASK has also taken up and is implementing some demonstration projects at the grassroots. ASK has chosen to fulfil a catalytic role in stimulating the process of community based development with a focus on promoting the self-help ethic. ASK achieves this through capacity building, training & education and action research to help build awareness and capacities for self-management among the target community

The ASK Board

  1. The Board comprises individuals who are representative of the community and of the various sectors and professional disciplines that ASK draws inputs from.
  2. There is clarity in expectations and the role that the Board should play and this is arrived at through a process of dialogue and mutual agreement.
  3. Commitment to the mission and understanding what the organisation wishes to achieve is a primary requirement in all Board members.
  4. Members are selected on the basis that they can help the Board provide oversight and guidance and engage in a process of positively critiquing the CEO and the organisation when necessary.
  5. The Board also has one or two staff members from the organisation on it.
  6. Transparency and effective communication is the key stone to good governance practices in the ASK Board.
  7. There is a realistic expectation of the Board members and the CEO is clear that the day to day running of the organisation is his job.
  8. The Board is only there to reflect upon and guide the organisation
  9. Since all Board members are professionals in their own right, managing expectations against motivations of individual Board members has been easily achieved
  10. The Board and the CEO have begun to reflect upon the issue of succession planning
  11. The role of the Chair has been supportive and facilitative and this has added the impetus to the effective functioning of the Board as well as the optimal relationship between the Board and the CEO

ASK may be contacted at

ASK ,V - 30 / 3 DLF Phase III Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 Tel: 0091-124-5060353, 5060354 Email:  URL