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About the organisation

The Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund ("Aavishkaar") is a venture fund founded to promote development in rural and semi-urban India. Aavishkaar believes entrepreneurs can be a powerful force for development. To this end, the firm provides micro-equity funding (Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh, approximately USD $20 thousand to USD $100 thousand) and operational and strategic support to commercially viable companies increasing income in or providing goods and services to rural or semi-urban India.

Rural and semi-urban India consisting of over 800 million people still experiences a low standard of life, despite a decade of strong national growth. Small to medium sized private enterprise can drive development in these underserved regions. Historically, this enterprise has been thwarted by misguided economic policies, infrastructure challenges, and limited access to capital. Recently, improved economic policies and infrastructure investment have removed many obstacles. A lack of access to capital, however, continues to inhibit widespread growth. Micro-credit is too small and too restrictive to be used for true business creation. Conventional venture capital focuses on businesses requiring USD $1 million+ that target urban regions or service export. Businesses smaller in scale addressing rural and semi-urban India cannot find the risk capital they need. Aavishkaar strives to fill this gap.

The Aavishkaar Board

  1. The Board was initially formed by the coming together of a group of like minded people who had a common idea, a common vision.
  2. A spin off from Aavishkaar International, the primary objective was to set up an Indian entity and the primary role of the CEO was to set up the organisation and establish its presence in India with the support of the Board.
  3. Individual members took on different roles giving impetus to the growth of the organisation.
  4. One of the fundamental criteria for the Board was that individual members felt comfortable in their role and what was expected out of each of them. Expectations change and are discussed regularly and there is articulation of the same.
  5. The governing mechanism operates at 2 levels- the India management which is accountable to the Aavishkaar Trust and through the Investment Board which makes primary decisions on investment related issues and works like a sub committee of the governing Board.
  6. The Board is also supported with external Advisors.
  7. Decisions made in the Investment Board have to be ratified by the governing Board and there has to be consensus on all decisions made.
  8. There is a high degree of communication and interaction between the Board and the management given that the organisation is very young and in the process of establishing itself in the sector.
  9. Given the above there is a continual review of the contributions of each of the members and the areas that require greater inputs and strengthening.
  10. Engagement of the Board by the CEO is made simpler by the fact that there is transparency across the Board and a high sense of ownership within the Board.
  11. There is awareness of Conflict of Interest although there is no documented Conflict of Interest policy.

Aavishkaar maybe contacted at: 201 & 221, Atlanta Estate, Dr. Ambedkar Chowk, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400101, Phone 91-22-39535292, 28778255 Email URL: