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Shanta Chatterjee, Convenor, Clean Air Island (CAI), Mumbai
CAI collects used paper from offices which would otherwise go to the garbage or the shredding machine. Confidential matter is hidden artistically and the papers are bound neatly into books. These items are sold at a nominal price to different offices or the same office could buy them at a discount.

Completely used papers are also not rejected since they find a use for them too, say for making envelopes and bags.
These people have found a use for used envelopes too. White paper is stuck onto the used side of the envelope and behold, it can be used again! In fact the organisation plans to form a link between schools and offices so that students can gain some work experience and office personnel may learn to make the best use of paper.

Companies can even approach Clean Air Island for educational workshops on the reuse of paper for a fixed fee.
What do you do with bus tickets and old bills? Chatterjee asks me. Well, I dispose them promptly, I don’t like any clutter… I smile proudly. Why not staple them into a neat bundle and place it beside your telephone? All those urgent messages can be jotted down at no additional cost…her suggestion challenges the right side of my brain.

Chaterjee's an expert in environmental management. She has worked at the World Wide Fund for Nature earlier as Chairman for Maharashtra and Goa. She was also the Secretary for Western Region (comprising four states) for some time. Clean Air Island branched out from the parent organisation Clean Air and became a registered society a year ago.

Clean Air Island
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