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The Bombay Institution for Deaf and Mutes


Our Vision

To channelise our collective strength into an institution that empowers the ‘differently abled’ to lead a life of self worth, respect and independence.


Who we are


The Bombay Institution for Deaf & Mutes traces its origin back to 1885 when it was founded by Vicar- Apostolic Dr Leo Meurin  S  J to educate the deaf of any caste, creed or community to identify and develop the potential of individual students in a variety of areas; to provide with the best achievable qualifications and prepare them to face life independently.


What we do…


We are driven by our values of accepting the intrinsic worth of every individual, equality of opportunity and the power of participation. The primary aim of the institution is to facilitate a process of self identification wherein the students are able to identify themselves with their disability. The process is geared towards developing, a scenario, which permits secure growth opportunities and enhanced learning experience of the students. Working in partnership with the teachers, staff and parents, the institution caters to students in three different media i.e Hindi, English and Marathi from classes Lkg to Std X. The method  of LIP- reading, speech, Loop Induction System, Group Hearing Aids, etc are incorporated in the instruction pattern followed by the classes.


The institution encourages its students to engage in activities like awareness programmes, dance and cultural events, theatre, interact club, debates and  discussions, scholarships and sponsorships are also made available to the deserving students from low economic backgrounds.


As an institution an attempt is made to help its students undergo various vocational training courses to facilitate economic independence. The students are provided with training in skills like bookbinding, screen-printing, craft and needlework etc. The institution also facilitates the placement of its students in various vocational training institutes after SSC.


To help our students stand up to their own psychological and emotional needs the institution also provides its students with the services of a psychotherapist, an attempt towards enabling our students face challenges  and demanding circumstances in their lives.


The institution also provides with counseling and awareness programmes fro the parents of students. We recognize the importance of the social environment that the students is a part of the institution through Parent-Teacher Associations meetings keeping in constant touch with the student’s families. Also attempts towards educating and immediate family of the child about his needs and aspirations as a differently abled student have been part of this association. In the past, workshops on hygiene, sex education, nutrition, caring for the differently abled have been taken up during the academic year.


As an establishment geared towards bringing outstanding changes in educational opportunities we recognize that our success in our objectives depends on the quality and performance of our teachers and staff. The formulation and development of employment policies of the institution aims to create avenues for our teachers to grow and develop with the institution. Programmes and workshops for skill development of our teachers are encouraged and committed towards improving standards of education.



Sponsorship requirements


Lending a hand                                                                      Rs 2000

Sponsoring a student from the school

Providing grants to the needy, etc


Discussion forum                                                                 

Documentary Screening and discussion

Organization of debates, etc


Theatre wing                                                                          Rs 5,000


Interactor’s Resource Building

Resource Centre

Interact Club Centre


Networking activities

With professional                                                                  Rs 5,000


With other special schools and institutions                      Rs 2,000


With vocational training centers        




Bombay Institution For Deaf & Mutes 
33 Nesbit Road
Mumbai 400010
Karmayogi: Mr. Neil J. Creado, President
                Ms. Sangeeta Thakur, Social Worker
Tel. 23720216 / 23713144
Notes: Medium is English, Hindi and Marathi. Established in 1885, Oldest organisation in Asia, Dr. Leo Meurin is the Founder, total children 160 ( Boys 112, Girls 48)
Rating A
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