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Press Release

“Bahena” Trust has provided artificial legs to a Two Months old Puppy who is handicapped since Birth, this being an unbelievable case, which was solved and got a new Direction to the Jeevdaya Activity, which was really very surprising.  

People of all Religions have given importance to the Jeevdaya which sympathies towards the life of Birds & Animals. The handicapped puppy named ‘Chhotu’ who does not have his front Two Legs since Birth was handed to the “Bahena” Trust by the Animal Lovers of the Slum Area. Mukesh Doshi, an Expert in making Artificial Parts of Bodies for Human Beings joined hands with “Bahena” Trust an provided two artificial legs to this puppy and given new path to Jeevdaya Activities.  


Human Beings always tries to keep their health in a good state but when the question arises of Birds and Animals they show little help to these living creatures which they think is enough. We humans can satisfy all our needs by hook & crook, in the same way we should considered Birds and Animals problems. We should sympathies over these animals and try to do something for them. To make this Dream come true “Bahena” Trust is working tirelessly for these Stray Birds & Animals in all possible ways. Many Animal Lovers kill the animals because they don’t find any ways of treating the animals who are suffering from various types of problems. “Bahena” Trust helps all these suffering animals by giving them Medical help, treating them in good Hospital and providing artificial legs for the handicapped animals. In this Modern World the doctors provide many artificial parts of the body to the patients by which they lead a happy life like a normal man. In the same way artificial part of the body are provided to the animals that can see a good Future in their life instead of death.

There are many facilities available for human beings who are handicapped or who are orphan. “Bahena” Trust is thinking of making a ‘Home’ for such handicapped animals where they can lead happy life.

“Bahena” Trust got this inspiration from ‘ Shree Jyotikalashriji Maharaj Saheb, Shree Prasannachandrashriji Maharaj Saheb and Shree Viraytishriji Maharaj Saheb, also the blessings of these holy saints will be always with us, says Mr. Dinesh Visariya the main Trustee of “Bahena” Trust. The Volunteers of the Trust are Smt. Padma Vala, Kum. Bhawna Joshi, Kum. Saumya Iyer, Kum. Tina Chheda, Kum. Bharati Shah, Mr. Prakash Gala, Mr. Revan God, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Tiwari.  All of them are performing their duty with utmost loyalty and honesty. They had shown an excellent example of Team Work.

Not only human beings but also Birds & Animals do have physical problems. Don’t hurt any Life.  Love Animals Love Life.