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Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bombay Chamber is one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the country. Having been established in 1836, the Chamber has a long and illustrious history of 168 years of continuos services to business and industry.

Bombay Chamber Corporate Social Responsibility Committee: (Committee services are available for Industries only)

Aims at highlighting social responsibilities of the organisations and enabling them to be responsible corporate citizens.

Aims at building awareness on benefits of corporate social responsibility and facilitates adoption of programmes towards the same.

The objectives are met by organizing seminars, meetings, lectures, site visits, project development and compilation of databases to be disseminated to the members of the Chamber.

The Committee conducted a Survey on CEOs and CSR their perspective in the year 2002 covering various issues like: Awareness and Sensitivity to CSR, Preinvestment Decisions, Investment in CSR, Post Investment Opportunities & Concerns to understand the awareness related to Corporate Social Responsibility amongst the Indian Corporates.

Corporate Social responsibility committee of Bombay Chamber represents a wide cross-section of organisations known for their CSR practices and Corporate Governance.

The Committee has over the years taken several initiatives to promote the Concept of CSR and have commissioned a number of Papers and seminars on various aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an important aspect of corporate behavior. Corporate contribution to society when guided by enlightened self-interest, may, hopefully, result in sustainable development of resources. It is felt that corporates need to assume responsibility for the needs of its people, the environment and the society through selected interventions after due internal deliberations.

For details about the activities of the CSR Committee, please contact
Ms. Vandana Bhadra, Executive on Tel. 22614681-84 (ext. 428) email: