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Mr. Jehangir Jamshedji (President)
Miss Shirin Bharucha (Hon. Treasurer)
Mrs. Vera Jamshedji (Hon. Secretary)

Institution: King George V Memorial Project, Bal Asha Dham, Dr. E. Moses Road, Bombay 400 011. Tel No. – 4944090/4926526.  

Asha Dham

What are the Objectives?
Bringing up the girl child /Sponsoring the child’s education
A)    Registration
B)     Law
C)    Manpower

Resources at hand

One Company / One Organisation
People who can co-ordinate.
People who can or may give a helping hand

For registration need to show the work. One work will focus on children’s education which women to come up to self sustain level.

Asha Dham – Hope are you the one
                  Hope you be the one

VISION: To safe quard the wealth & integrity of the individual.
Mission: To reach a level of self-fulfillment by collaborating and coordinating with other community resources.

-         Enroll move girl child in school
-         Encourage the girl children to pursue basic education
-         Help the children as well as their family use the resources available in the community.
-         Encourage more use of recycled material
-         Help set up workshop for paper bags, cloth bags, set up workshops.
-         Set up small outlets for sale of these items.

How would you Success?
Collecting old newspaper and magazines can do paper bags. Looking for major support from Tarun Bharat, which can develop itself as a brand name in paper bags.

-         Old cloths can be either sourced from Goonj or I have dowois for who are looking to donate
-         We can success old cloths from Belguam itself 

What needs to be done at urgent
-         Website
-         Registration
-         Application for 80G Items

Forming trustees if not then how do you go about making it an one women show. 

Cost Incorporated
-         Person there in Belguam
-         Store them in Belguam
-         Support Staff

What will our major focus be?
-         Sponsor a children education
-         Help the child develop fulfilling

How do you go about fulfilling this activity?
-         Promote self-sustaining activities like Kirti.
-         Collection of newspaper and converting them into cash or paper bags.

-         Collection of old clothes and converting them in to usable items like bags/pillow covers/Lamp shades
          etc. Any items that are saleable and in demand. One target population will be students, colleges and
-         Individual sponsor @ home as well as abroad
-         Collection of funds by co-ordinations.
-         In terms of saleable items talk to Senji for those unique chapels that was designer. Get well people involved with art to design stuff for us.

An Appeal

Dear Friends,

I have been associated with schools all my life. I have seen the best of students and best of schools. My heart cries to fact, that in few years I would have to part from this formal structure of education, which has made me proud as a teacher all my life. I have been best of students who have come up from worst of situation. Being closely attached to schools that are in villages I have longed to help the children from rural area. I take this opportunity to invite you all in this struggle for coaching out the unreach.

Kindly come forward to help us in terms of material, funds, any innovation ideas that can build our self-sustaining capacity. We are open to all the as well as suggestions to improve our way of practice to help the disadvantaged. I would like to thank all the well wishes of Asha Dham for working Asha Dham a way of hope in the life’s of those where there’s been darkened age long.


Thanking You,
Emmanuel Mosses

Our Team 

Community Director: Mrs. Pari Amolik
Community Developer Officer:
Mrs. Kirti Kesalkar
Resource Mobilization: Mr. Amit Kesalkar

Volunteers: Rasika – Drawing teacher to help us with children in slums.

Volunteer experience of Nicola Rudkin

Nicola Rudkin from Darlington was a GAP Volunteer at the Bal Asha Trust in Bombay / Mumbai.

“My duties were very general, and mostly based on a ward of older children, rather than babies, aged between 1 and 14. Dressing; feeding; playing; helping with English and other schoolwork; drawing and colouring; reading. I also accompanied them on many visits and took some children to the hospital. I spent some time caring for the babies, playing and feeding them. Sometimes I talked to adoptive parents from all over the world. I just helped out where I was needed. Our hours were totally optional, but we found we wanted to give as much time as possible, even some weekends!

It is hard adjusting, but everyone, even people who cannot speak your language, makes such an effort to make you feel welcome, it soon feels like home - which I hadn't expected.

I think you gain many skills, most of which you don't even realise you're using, like tolerance, patience, understanding and improvisation.

I'm starting a degree in Nursing, now I simply feel more ready, and I've opened my mind to so many experiences.”