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AURED (Aural Education For The Hearing Impaired)  

We believe in the right of every hearing impaired child  to communicate in spoken language.  

Our  goal  is  integration  for  hearing  impaired children to  become  independent,  participating  and  contributing citizens  in  mainstream  society.


Name of Organization:                      AURED
Aural Education For the Hearing Impaired


Address:         Registered Off:          No. 9 Garden Homes
The AURED Charitable Trust:              1st Road , Khar-West

Mumbai 400 052


                        AURED                      Anand Niketan
King George Vth Memorial
Dr. E. Moses Road
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai   400 011


Telephone: Trust:                              91 22 2604 8798
     AURED:                       91 22 2492 6721



Trustees:                                      Aziza T. Hydari           
                                                Kumud Misra              
                                                Sheila Naharwar          
                                                Rajni Khatau                 

MNM Cama

Benvimita Lam


Legal Status                                  Charitable Trust
Registration Number:                     E13546/BOM
Date of Registration:                     15.10.91


FCRA Registration                            083780527  

Income Tax Registration                Exemption under Sec. 80 G

About Aured and its Philosophy

Aured was founded in 1986.Its aim is to habilitate hearing impaired children and integrate them into mainstream schools. The specific method used is known as the Auditory Verbal Approach.

It enables children to develop their residual hearing. They learn to listen and speak, and this facilitates their integration into society.  

Over the last 19 years, Aured has worked with hundreds of children, growing from 3 students in the back room of an apartment to over 140 currently enrolled students in a ‘barrack’ at Mumbai’s King George Memorial Trust.  Children take part in one-on-one teaching sessions . Therapy is conducted in 4 major languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. Parents, are the primary caregivers, and are required to participate in teaching sessions to enable them to learn how to implement AVA in their homes No sign language or lip reading is used.     

The Focus of the Organisation:

To integrate hearing impaired children to become independent, participating, contributing citizens in mainstream society. This is done using a very specialized method called Auditory Verbal Approach, which teaches a child to listen and speak by making use of every bit of hearing it may have. The basic idea is to equip these children to function in a hearing world as normally as possible.  


  • Therapy and habilitation for hearing impaired children who have undergone cochlear implants. Children are referred from Delhi , Hyderabad , Agra , Pune, Surat , Ahmedabad, Baroda , Rajkot , Nasik , Ankleshwar, Gorukhpur, Bikeneer, Jodhpur ,Jaipur, Dhulia , Satara, Chiplun, Calcutta , Chennai , Sri Lanka , Dubai , Saudi Arabia , Nairobi , Mozambique , Thailand and Pakistan .

·   Workshops are conducted for training teachers, therapists, audiologists, professionals and parents from a number of cities. We also train qualified primary school teachers who wish to specialise in training hearing impaired children

  • All the children presently at Aured are integrated into regular schools.

Early Intervention – 0-3 years

Audiological Management and Hearing Aid selection

  • Audiograms & mapping for C I recipients conducted on premises.
  • AURED has a well-stocked library with the latest books on AVA, as well as audio and video cassettes and are regularly updated..  This enables teachers and parents to update their knowledge on new technology and on the amazing possibilities now available in this field.
  • Free medical advice & or attention from the eminent doctors, attached to the    Centre in an honorary capacity.
  • Hearing Aid Bank and a loan facility for Cochlear Implant
  • Distant learning via e mail conducted.
  • Teaching aids and books developed by AURED, specific to AVT are made available and can be used by all parents and therapists irrespective of what language the child is taught in. These aids follow the development stages of AVT.
  • A CCTV system for central monitoring of therapy rooms, to enable visitors, parents, therapists to view sessions without disturbing the child.
  • Taking AVT to the villages
  • Certificate Of Recognition from World bank

Projects on the Anvil:

·        AURED by taking its particular expertise into rural areas and setting up a pilot project in rural Maharashtra , will be fulfilling its vision of making services work for poor people.  

·        AURED has been approached to help set up Centres in other countries and cities in India , and has started the process.  

·        Developing CD Roms for teaching, keeping within the parameters of AVT - A pilot project was done to determine the practicality of developing CD Roms that could be used in conjunction with auditory verbal therapy.  Based on the findings of this project and other conceptual notes, a platform has been outlined for a package of teaching aids including CDRoms, flash cards, and instructional booklet.  These would be structured as lessons with illustrations and animations. This package will be of great assistance to outstation children who cannot attend regular biweekly sessions and can be translated into any language.  

  • Teacher Training Project  Impact India Foundation - an International Initiative Against Avoidable Disablement – which is promoted by UNDP, UNICEF & the WHO in association with the Government of India, has approached Aured to conduct a Teacher Training Project  to help teachers identity students suffering with hearing problems and help in management of the same.
  • Adopt a Child scheme: Fees at Aured are charged on a sliding scale, but since the majority of children come from impoverished backgrounds, the income generated is minimal. Aured survives almost entirely on donations of money and equipment. To help these children, Aured has begun the Adopt a Child scheme encouraging both Corporates and Individuals to adopt a particular child and monitor the child’s progress through correspondence with both the child and the organization.

How you can help:  

By contributing to our corpus  

Invest in individual projects     

Contribute an annual sum of Rs.15,000/- . This will subsidise the cost of  individual therapy and provide a years supply of hearing aid batteries for a single child.  

Sponsor a pair of hearing aids. These may cost between 60,000 – 1,30,000/- per pair, depending on the child’s audiological requirements. Hearing aids of the highest quality are required to enable children develop listening skills.

Sponsor a Therapist.

Rs.10,000/- per month

Sponsor a Workshop.

Travel, Acommodation, Venue, Fees for Participating Professionals, and Organising Expenses.