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About us:
'Atmavishwas' is an organisation inspired by a conviction that all of us, regardless of caste, creed or disposition are capable of making a positive contribution to society, if provided with appropriate resources. In essence, the  recognition that dignity (Atmavishwas) is resident in every individual is the spur to improve outcomes of their effort, no matter what the level of their latent talents.  Atmavishwas, is that ray of hope for those young adults with intellectual disabilities (mental retardation), who have no place to turn to once they complete their schooling and have to leave their special schools due to age limit.

At Atmavishwas, we give vocational training to these students with detailed personal care and attention.  They learn card making and printing, candle making, stationery items, wrapping Items & needlework.  Along with imparting such skills, which provides them to be financially capacitated, they are also equipped with essential life skills like basic reading & writing, functional math's and independent travel.

At Atmavishwas, our talented students create precious merchandise painstakingly crafted and decorated with a great amount of love and attention.  These products hold a place of pride at various retail outlets under the Atmavishwas banner and are also sold through periodic exhibitions. The humble earnings will make its way to our student's wallets as stipends,
which in turn goes a long way in making them feel constructive and valuable.


Offer dignity, not pity

Rights, not charity

Equality, not dependence

Participation, not segregation

Vision: The vision of Atmavishwas is reflected in its belief that all individuals in the society, irrespective of their abilities and /or Sociocultural identities, have the right to equal opportunities for their personal growth & development.

Mission: The mission of Atmavishwas is to reduce & limit the consequences of disabilities through training for capacity building and facilitation of opportunities & support structures for integrated development of special individuals in the society.

Services: Vocational Training and Functional Life Skills.
Impact: Presently 8
History?: Started on August 26th 2002, with just 2 students. Slowly grew to 10 (incl.Year begun) students, with 8  students to date.  Encouraged by activities in Mumbai, the Trustees decided to expand its activities to Goa

1) All Bombay Special Schools Talent Contest. 1999
2) Go-Getters camp to Goa - 2002
3) The Vocational Centre, Mumbai - 2002
4) The Vocational Centre,Miramar - Goa - Oct' 2004
5) The "Residence" at Verna, Goa - Proposed Mar 2005

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: Empowerment & employment through vocational & lifestyle training is the promise of Atmavishwas. Given the right Training & opportunities they can tap their hidden talents & potential & become confident, reliable members of Society.  They are fully capable of forming bonds of friendship, of living independently, of confidently building a bright future.  What these children need is  not pity, but an opportunity to prove that they can be useful members of Society.

Teaching and re-inforcing the skill of 'sticking'- cards, bookmarks, gift envelopes, children's bags, hand towels, kitchen napkins, 'glass painting' -, diwali diyas painted & decorated, 'candles'- in forms and holders.

How can you work with others? : Networking with other NGO's so as not to duplicate work, holding exhibitions in school to promote skills of MC.

Students perform & entertain terminally ill patients in hospitals & actively participate in activities organised by NGO's.
If they want to visit you?: no
Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?: no
talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club: yes

Yearly Budget Rs.: 6.00
Revenue Sources: Donors and Trustees
Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs.: Yes. Can be mutually discussed

full time: 1
part time: 3  -
volunteers: 4

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes
Donation possibilities:

Contact Details
Atmavishwas (A Trust for the Mentally Challenged)
 B-12, Ashiana
Glaxo Co-op Hsg Socy,
St. John Baptist Rd.,
Bandra, Mumbai 400 050
Phone: 9819317108/9821017135
Fax: 22188225
Contact Name: Mrs Sybil da Gama
phone work direct: 26402029, best time to call: 1000 -1300
home: 26423550, best time to call: after 1700
cell: 9819317108, best time to call: any time
website: (under construction)
email personal:

"Vocational Training Center" The differently-abled trainees welcome visitors to the Center which helps to motivate and encourage them in their endeavors.

Flat no 2, Ground Floor, 
"Avalon" Co-operative Hsg Socy, 
St. Sebastian road, near Mehboob Studio, 
Bandra (W), 
Mumbai 400 050 
Tel : 26402029 
Timings: 0930 to 1430 

Trustees: Mr. Roy. L. DaGama- Mg. Trustee
Mrs, Sybil Da Gama- Trustee  -  I/c Projects
Ms. Ruth Dinshaw-Trustee
Mr. Arminio Ribeiro-Trustee

Comments for Fantastic idea by Vinay of Karmayog and a great job done. We are parents of a 23 year old Downsyndrome youth and having had success in his upbringing have decided to pass the success model to the wider community. The lad plays the guitar and keyboards and won the 1st Prize in an All India Competition from 330 participating special schools held by NIMH in Hyderabad. God Bless You and your Team!