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(Registered under Societies Act 1960 Reg. No. 44 at 6/8/1952) 

128 YEARS OF SERVICE - 1875-2003

The YWCA of Bombay in the 128 years since its conception continues to establish itself as a torch bearer for the empowerment of girls & women irrespective of age, caste of creed. “By Love serve One Another”- the motto of the YWCA, has been the driving force behind the numerous developmental programmes & projects to ensure social transformation / nation building based on the ideals of justice, fraternity & upliftment of the marginalised.  

Asha Kiran of Bombay YWCA caters not only to women & children but also elderly by providing them with a forum to interact & fulfill their social & economic needs.  

In the age of working women, providing residence to them is the need of hour. 

Dipti Dhaman hostel provides accommodation for 100 working girls with facilities of a well stocked library, recreation & a wholesome canteen is the ideal home away from home. In the addition there are guest rooms for women on the business & employment travel, day care facility for children of working mothers. Accommodation is also given to women in the need of emergency shelter. A counseling & crisis center provides a comforting support and help to women in distress. To further our cause for social rejuvination, we provide a day care center with stimulating programs for Senior Citizens from nearby communities in Andheri. 

Programs at a glance 
- Working women’s hostel.
- Transient guest accommodation.
- Emergency shelter for women in distress.
- Residence for seniors.
- Day care for children of working mothers.
- Day care for underprivileged seniors.
- ‘Aasra’- family counselling and crisis intervention center.
- Study center for academic & personality development of underprivileged girls.
- Vocational & skills training for income generation.
- Fully equipped air conditioned conference hall for 120 people.
- Meeting rooms to accommodate 20-30.
- Amphitheatre for rehearsals & theatre performance.
- Library cum study room.
- Sanskruti – Cultural programmes featuring music, dance & drama.
- Jagruti – awareness on social issues through films & discussions.
- Casses in yoga, aerobics, dance, art & craft.  

YWCA of Bombay functions through five centers in the Metropolis 

COLABA    : Tel. : 22020122, 22027489, 22833768
Fax : 22822057
            E-mail :

FORT          :  International Centre : Tel. : 22025053, 22029161,22020598
            Fax. : 22020445
            E-mail :

BYCULLA  :  Tel. : 2309 6544 / 23096555 / 2302 0469
             Fax. : 23098066
 E-mail :

BELAPUR   :  Tel. : 27570786 

ANDHERI    :  Tel. : 26702831 / 39, 26702863 / 72
  E-mail :

MS Shobha Philip
53, J.P. Road, Near Navrang Cinema,
Andheri (W), Mumbai 400058.
Tel. : 26702831 / 39 / 72