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Project Arpan, Mumbai
Objective - To enjoy the experience of 'giving' our time and energy to serve members of our society who give us various opportunities to do so for our benefit because we truly cannot help anybody else without helping ourselves first.

Result Intended - To develop a sense of gratitude towards all that we have and enjoy the satisfaction of having done something good for our people.

Work area - Arpan members are:
- Volunteers during public or private events that institutions or NGOs organise
- Volunteers to teach or play on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis at a NGO.
- Volunteers to distribute needful goodies at Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Street Children/Adults, Institutions for the mentally and physically disabled, Hospitals
- Fulfill monetary needs for the above activities

Timeframe of assignments - Minimum - once a month, Maximum - upto every individual

Form of Communication between members - email ( ) - Enlist your email address by sending an email to

What you can do
- Help organise the monthly assignments by communicating with NGOs or other places you know or can find out about
- Help co-ordination between all members through communication by email and phone once assignment has been decided.
- Help in building raw material resources by which we can get things at low prices or have manufacturers sponsor them e.g. toys, board games, books, medicines, non-perishable eatables e.g. biscuits, utilitarian products e.g. soaps, combs, clothes, etc.
- Generate ideas of what other kinds of assignments Project Arpan can do.

"Atmano mokshartam jagata hitayacha" For one's liberation, one should serve society. - Swami Vivekanand

It's been fifteen months since we began Project Arpan. Everyone's contributions in monetary, physical contribution of time and energy and goodwill of all has enabled all of us to make a small difference in the lives of some children and old people.
I've prepared an overview of when and where we went, what we did. I would be pleased to send it to you. Pooja Taparia