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Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation (known as ANaRDe Foundation) is a NGO started in 1979 through adoption of 5 villages in  Gujarat. Seeing the success met through the various Government  schemes in uplifting the quality of life for the beneficiaries at the village level through our expert management in Water, like check-dams, ponds, rain water harvesting, boring wells, pumps etc in Infrastructure, Informal education and formal education (through our 4 schools situated in Jamnagar District ), Wadi projects, self-help groups and various income generating training programmes . Our success we contribute to our co-partners in our endeavour to help the poor villagers and farmers.
This success has made us feel that we should expand our activities and  we are for the past 5 years  working in 16 States and 64 districts for the up-liftment of the poor in the rural and urban sector through an integrated program with major emphasis on  ECONOMIC UPLIFTMENT,  HEALTH, INFORMAL EDUCATION,  ENVIRONMENT , SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES , WATER AND HOUSING RELATED ISSUES. 
After fifty-five years of independence, the poor people of our country are still awaiting  their turn to be lifted out of the poverty line ! There is no dearth of  money , natural resources or even human resources .But still the benefit of development has not reached  the poor people . Our Philosophy is to manage time and all available resources .Ours is  an implementing role, our policy is close collaborations with the Govt., Banks, and  Donors and other like minded Non-Government Organizations, for reaching the poor  speedily. Our emphasis is  on educated, unemployed youth  and un-bankable women . Our philosophy is to change constantly according to the need of the situations . All sectors need to change by sensitisations . In order to bring about a change in society we feel that each of us should contribute towards the less fortunate ones.
Our Mission is integrated development.

60% economic upliftment, 10% education, 10% health, 10% tree plantation, 10% social&cultural,

We also have a strong base in: Water management, Rural Housing, Rural Insurance, Rural Marketing Melas 
ACHIEVEMENTS 1979 to 2002
1State to 16 States
5 villages to 15000 villages
Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 700 cr.

30% through bank, 50% by Govt., 15% by people’s participation, 3% by other donors, 1% through lion, rotary & others.
Loan from funding agencies.


A team of professional at the head office
Five Zonal offices for co-ordination
State/District for project implementation  
We have tied-up with Government Agencies, Banks and financial institutions who are committed towards improving the quality of life for the poor beneficiaries, through our efforts.  In view of the sheer magnitude and associated complexities and problems,  it was realized that Government alone may not succeed and therefore a partnership has been built-up between NGO-GOVT through networking. Hence, NGOs have emerged as a viable Institutional framework to serve as a catalyst for social reorientations.  They have to supplement and complement the govt. efforts in order to offer people choice and alternatives.
Women constitute more than 48% of the total population. “When one woman is trained the whole family is trained “. Besides she plays a positive and valuable role in the family, as through her, all facilities are being provided to the rest of the family members.
To empower and provide meaningful opportunities for the women from all walks of life especially the poorest families, economically , socially and politically through networking them into community institutions through efficient poverty alleviation programs in order to achieve a high level of sustained social and economical development.
To empower women of the rural and urban areas
To inculcate the saving habit
To counsel the distressed women in danger through women’s help line
Advocacy on different issues related to women
To Network with different like minded organizations / individuals for improving the qualities of life for women
To improve the decision making abilities of women in all walks of life
To train women in income generation activities, literacy and health
To give women the right tool to make her feel secure through insurance policies, for health etc and provide them with their independent house.
ANaRDe Foundations has organized around 15,000 self-help groups and have ongoing training programs for different activities both at the urban and rural level.
We have trained more than one lac women and youth all over India in the past  2 years for income generation and for Entrepreneurship.
We have also organized numerous awareness camps at the village level. These are as follows :-
·Health (women and child related issues)
·Nutrition and Hygiene  camp
·Informal education  including literacy classes
·Social and cultural 

We have also provided the poor women  with bank linkages , direct microcredit loan through financial institutions , formation of Self-help-groups through  Govt. NABARD, SIDBI, RASHTRIYA MAHILA KOSH etc. Training programmes in income generation is our major emphasis which we have carried out  through our private donors , Lions Club, Rotary Club  and other institutions.  Watershed projects, Rural Housing through local DRDA’s . CAPART and local participation of the people.
PHONE 2446 9341 / 2 445 6967
FAX 2445 2573
Contact :  Mrs. Margarida Crasto – Sr. Manager HRD /Admin
Mobile 9820712088

An appeal to Philanthrophists



   To Quench the trust of villagers”


 Anarde  Foundation is a well reputed and well recognised  name in the field of integrated Rural development activity all over India. Since last 15 years.        


All state governments and central govt authorities , financial institutes like nationalised Banks, NABARD, Capart, SIDBI, and Philantrophic and business organisation like FICCI , CII, Indian Merchant Chambers. Rorary and Lions Clubs have also recognised  and encourage our activities by alloting us the projects and utilising our grass root level net works for upliftment  of the poor by donating us their generous donations.


Business houses like Hindustan lever, Usha International. Mahindra and Mahindrta, ICICI Prudentials. etc have joint the hands with us for development  in the urban and rural markets for their various prodiucts and  consumer goods  for the multi level marketing.


Working in 15 states ,15,000 villages and involving Rs 752 crores for mobilisation  and funding per year . Anarde Foundation has establised the leading role in the field of rural development.


The donations receivable by Anarde Foundation are 100% exempted under section 35 AC and 50% exempted under 80G of the Income Tax Act.


Anarde Foundation and our Chairman  have been awarded by the Awards from FICCI and Rajashree:” at the worthy hands  his holiness by Shri Ramesh Oza) Worldwise recognised Bhagwat Acharya.


Our motto is

Village water to remain village- Village youth to remain in village and village money is remain village.


To thrash out the drinking water problem of Arid regions in six districts in Saurashtra we have concrete proposal of water management . The models of which  have been  successfully  completed as under:-


1     Jamnagar district

       a    52 villages of  Oswal Jain community donations from non- 

             Gujarathis from UK, Canada and USA.

       B    10 villages of Mithapur area  donations from M/s Tata Chemicals.

       C     5 villages donations from M/s Bisleri.

        D    10 Villages donations from Chandaris Charitable  Foundation.


2     Rajkot Dist.      10 Vilages  donation from  CCF



3     Bhavnagar  Dist    15 villages donations from CCF.


4    Junagadh  dist    3 villages donations from CCF.


5    Amareli Dist   - 3 villages donations from CCF

6     Surendranagar dist  3 villages donations from CCF



From the successful experience of   solving the drinking water problem by deepending the village pond with the help of JCB machines we have obtained the expertise to work out  the schemes in above districts by multiplying our  experience which is as under shell form :-


By running JCB machines for 50 hours in a village pond having water spread area of  2000 sq,meters will be depen by average one mtr removing the silt quantity of 2000 Cumt. Thus increasing the storage capacity by 200000 lac ltrs


The running  cost of JCB machines for 50 hrs @ Rs 600 per hrs works out to Rs 30,000 , out of which Rs 15,000 will be borne by the beneficiaries i.e. the villages as their  contribution.


Thus by only donation of Rs,15,000/- the donor can quench the thrist one village of his choice in above 6 districts by deepending the village ponds,.This will raise the water tale in the surrounding well and escavated table  earth will be used for bunding the ponds, improving village roads or can be used in farms as fertilizers with good netrititus value.             

We appeal to lion hearted rotarians,lions and members of all philantrophic institute to joint the hands with us by giving a small donations of Rs,15,000

Per village. We will submit the complete MIS alongwith request letter from Gram Panchayat and thanking letter after  successful compketion of the work alongwith photographs and also the site visits can be arranged for the full satisfaction of the donors.


Kindly contact  us on our E Mail or Website      


RAJEN DHULIA                                                 I.G. TRIVEDI

Anarde Foundation                                             Anarde Foundation

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