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Akshara means an alphabet, a word, an expression


Akshara is a women’s resource centre, which believes in the power of the word, in the right to information and in its use as a tool for the transformation of individuals and society.


Akshara grew out of the contemporary women’s movement in India and has gender equality and human rights as its primary concerns in working with young women and men. We have been active in legal campaigns on violence against women, service and support.


To actualise our slogan “Women and Youth for Change” we use several methods like inter-active and experiential workshops, advocacy, financial support and research. We have the following programs:


The Empowering Dreams Program uses a three way strategy: to locate the most deserving young women in slums and ‘homes’; to enhance their capacities and skills through financial assistance for education, vocational courses; and to introduce them to life skills and gender consciousness.


We visualize reaching out to a larger number of women, organizing them in groups or co-operatives. .


Information for Transformation Program emphasises information with a gender perspective. Its free library has over 3800 books and journals and newsletter in English and Marathi along with videos and posters.  The program has developed easy learning strategies for young women and men opting for women’s studies. On an average, over 900 users each year visit the library.


Our mission is to create many different and alternative forms of communications suited to small and large groups of women, which can also be used by other grassroots organisations.


The Youth for Change Program sees every young person as a new voice, potential leader and change agent. Through collaboration with the governmental national social service, it reaches out to a large number of young persons in 6-12 peripheral colleges, taking them through an educational, interactive, experiential process moving from a consciousness of the self to awareness of community issues and an equal and just society. 


It is our belief that this program can create a series of dynamic youth groups with new leaders which will take up the challenge of change, against exploitation and for a better society.


The Partners for Justice Program is new and focuses on campaigns at the national and international levels. It involves the organisation and its members in the Domestic Violence Bill, the Sexual Harassment of women Bill, and for new laws on communal violence and others. At the international levels it contributes to activities within the World Social Forum and international networks of women’s organisation to enhance literature on women and participate in international events.


This program is a bridge between the local and the global activities of the women’s movement.


Legal Status:     


Akshara is a project of FREA which is a non profit registered Trust. Its registration no.umber is F 1656 (BOM). It has an exemption from income tax under Section 80 G and a FCRA or Foreign Contribution Registration Act account number.


Postal address: Neelambari 501, Road No. 86, Gokhale Road, Dadar West, Mumbai 400028, India  
Phone/email: 91- 22- 24316082   

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Contact Person:  Nandita Gandhi