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AILWA (All India Letter-Writers Association)
Club of Conscience Keepers of the Nation
Registration No.   Bombay 74/83 dated 25 Jan. 1983.

Vision: Better participation of citizens in nation building.   
Mission: writing letters to the editors and various authorities.  
Services: Talks, workshops, seminars, conferences, publications, representations, PILs.
History: Formed in 1980 by Dr. Leo Rebello and Dr. Abu Bakar Thwahir, presently AILWA is celebrating Silver Jubilee.When formed in 1980, it was the first of its kind organisation in the world.
Achievements: Several publications, reports, recognised by UN-Habitat, NGO-ICT network.
What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary? Guide them how to write effective letters, letters that would bring results, action, justice.

Collaboration Possibilities:
How can you work with others?  Train them in the art of letter-writing and taking up burning issues. 
 If they want to visit you, what can you show them & how much time will it take?  Publications like PEN POWER -- magnificent encyclopedia of letters entered as World Record in the Limca Book of Records and other publications, reports, photos and videos on our past activities. Also explain briefly the art of letter-writing and what can be achieved thereby.

If you can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club or Ladies Association, please state:
    (b) The Role of Active Citizens vis-a-vis Fundamental Duties of Citizens (Article 51-A of the Constitution of India).
    (c) Social Work Opportunities in Spare Time.
    (d) One Hour for Self, One Hour for the Nation, Daily.
    (e) Ten Commandments of Health.
    (f)  How to Use Consumer Forums, Human Rights Commission, Bar Council and the Govt. Machinery.
    (g) How to Police the Police.

Financial data:   
- yearly budget: Rs. 1 Lakh. 
- Sources of Revenue: Memberships, revenue generated by book sale.
- Are you willing to be 'adopted' by a corporate? If yes, What is your annual funding need? Yes / Rs. One lakh.
Organisation data: 
- full-time: None
- part-time: None
- volunteers:   All office bearers and members and their families.

Help Needed:
Advisors / Mentors needed: No
Volunteers: No
Donations-in-kind: Laptop with power point projection unit required for lecture purposes.
Services: Website is to be created.  Matter is ready. It is to be hosted free.
Donation possibilities? None
Jobs:  None
Contact Details:  
AILWA (All India Letter-Writers Association)
C/o 28/552 Samata Nagar,
Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101
Phone: C/o 28872741 - Best times to call: 9 am to 9 pm
Fax: x 
Karmayogi : Dr. Leo Rebello, President
Dr. Leo Rebello, President  
Dr. Abu Bakar Thwahir, Secretary-General
Adv. Mohan Siroya, Vice President
Mr. Abdul Salam, Treasurer
Dr. Mrs. Suzie Mathew, Hon.PRO
K.P.Rajan, MC Member
"I have the pleasure and honour to release the monumental publication PEN POWER by Dr. Leo Rebello.  This encyclopedia should be prescribed as compulsory reading in all Journalism colleges." M.V.KAMATH

Comments for : You are doing very good work. This should culminate into a Federation of NGOs of Bombay
to avoid duplication of work and wastage of funds.