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Greetings from ANUKAMPA Charitable Trust!

We are a registered charitable Trust. From 9 years, we are operating from  board members house and working based on charity approach. Now we would like to strech our activities and programmes across the country.

At the moment, we are supporting 200 children for formal school and providing mid day meal, uniform, school fees and bus. Running two Non Formal Education Centre for 100 Domestic Worker and around 60 slum children are getting support (tuition) for their education.

These are just beginning and entry programme towards society. We have some innovative Ideas and Concepts but no resources. We are looking for seed money which is most important to establish organisation.

I would like to ask your support to establish ACT and help for one year.

We will be grateful to your support and we will give you credit and put your name on each and every thing ( like leaflets , Banner all Publication , Our Bus website and other non removal things , whatever we will bring though your supports ) for next 10 years .

Below is the project and budget. If you feel it worthwhile to support ACT , reply us and ask for any clarification or visit our centre whenever  you feel.

Thanking You
Birendra K.Soni
Project Director
ANUKAMPA Charitable Trust ( ACT )
Phone :  09322220823
Email -

ANUKAMPA Charitable Trust (ACT) is a non-for-profit, registered charitable trust. It's main goal is true and total development of the country through education / health and rural development. The vision statement of the organisation is "Let's Build Our Nation", This dream can come true only with strong commitment and motivation. We are in the process of setting up five main projects to work across India to achieve goals of the organisation, which are as follow -

ACT: We aim to provide technical and financial support to grassroot level organizations, those who match our mission and vision. We believe that sharing of resource can save duplication and wastage of time, skill and money. There are thousands of organizations doing great job at the grass root level but struggling for accounting, management, documentation, financial and other basic needs. Through this venture, we aim to support other organizations for capacity building and share resources with them. 

IEC: 'Information, education and communication' will provide support for bringing out publications on social issues and will help people to use information technology for better education and communication. Through this project, we will undertake the task of preparing audio/ video and multimedia presentations for presenting or raising different issues. We will also organize trainings, workshops, quizzes, debates, public discussions, 'Lok Adalat' (Public Court), study tours and exchange programmes with other countries or institutions. We will also maintain a video library on social issues. Under this programme, we are also in process of setting up a group of nationwide progressive writers who will write issue-based articles in different media. A cash award will announced every year for this group.
SETU: SETU is a field action project which was initiated by the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan in 1992. SETU strives to be a bridge between the isolated and the scattered domestic workers; between the domestic workers and their employers; and between the domestic workers and the society at large.

There is a great demand for domestic helps as life in Mumbai city has become costly, forcing both husband and wife to take up jobs to earn their family income. Thus we see many people working as domestic help either as part-time or full-time workers. They carry out household chores and look after the children and old people as well.

SETU works with both part-time and full-time domestic workers. At the moment, we have two centres, which serve as contact points, where workers of the neighborhood gather to benefit from the growth promoting opportunities being offered.

This project helps migrated domestic workers to find better opportunities in their native places. It also helps in the education of other children and in the overall development of the villages. SETU is also working as a bridge between the employers and the family of domestic workers who fall under the unorganized sector.

Red Ribbon: As a follow up of Mission Highway Campaign (fact finding tour across the country) of HIV/AIDS programme in India, we felt the need to work on different perspectives of HIV/AIDS. We would like to have a concrete action plan which can save energy/ money and time with great outcome or benefits.
Keeping this in mind we have been working on a five point agenda as follows:
- Inclusion of chapters dealing with STD/ STI/ HIV/ AIDS in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th class text books of biology.
- Promotion of  VCCTC and rights of infected and affected people
- At least 50 % reservation in organizations that are working on HIV/AIDS issues or getting funds in the name of HIV/ AIDS infected/ affected people.
- Policy and law against HIV/ AIDS stigma and discrimination
- Rainbow city: We have divided the country in five different zones where we are in the process of establishing 6 self-sufficient villages called the Rainbow City. These will function like a safe place for helpless PLWHA. This city will cater to 5000 people and will be equipped with school/ hospital and residential College of Social Work, which will also help the surrounding villages.

ACT Knowledge Centre: There are millions of children and youth who are not aware of the world, except their own village or native land. They are talented, intelligent and brilliant, more than many successful people, but they still have to struggle as they cannot not explore the world due to lack of resources and opportunity. This  centre will be active in 100 cities across the country and will be equipped with short stay homes with 200 beds, multimedia library facilities and carrier guidance cells along with buses for the exposure of the city (district headquarter and state capital) and official places, like DRDA, district magistrate, passport office, R.T.O, registrar, universities etc.

To implement programme and establish ourselves we need seed money which we are putting down, once you will decide to support us for all above programme we will give you break up and make sure your money will utilise properly.

One time Investment / Assets : Rs. 6,00,000 / -

Administration Cost for one year : Rs.60,000 /-

Rent of office - Rs.60,000 / -

Salary of  9 full time workers : Rs.4,62,000 / -

Total Support for one Year: Rs.11,82,000 / - 

We look forward to your support.