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1“1298 Dial for Ambulance” is an Ambulance Access for All initiative to provide a network of Fully Equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances in the city of Mumbai. In case of a medical emergency, any Mumbai resident may dial 1298 for accessing a fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance within the shortest possible time.

1298 Dial for Ambulance has divided Mumbai city into 10 zones and the service is being launched with one 1298 Ambulance stationed in each zone. On receiving the call for the Ambulance at 1298 control room which works 24hrs X 7days, the area to be reached is immediately located on the GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled map. The nearest free 1298 Ambulance is dispatched immediately and tracked on RTS (Realtime Tracking System) to ensure that the Ambulance reaches the patient / victim as quickly as possible.

The state of the art 1298 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance is equipped with

E. C. G.
Cardiac Monitor
Portable Ventilator
Suction machine
Resuscitation kit
Pulse Oxymeter
Emergency Medicines

The Ambulance has air-conditioning, mild sound proofing and silicon sealing in joints. It also has on board a collapsible trolley stretcher and a stair chair. The Ambulance crew usually consists of a medical consultant, driver and a helper.

The Mission

  • Reaching the best quality Life Support Ambulance Service fastest to the patient / victim
  • Meeting the need of Emergency Medical Service under an easy to remember emergency telephone No.1298
  • Creating a breed of self employed youngsters with a passion to save lives

The vision

       To assist saving human lives by becoming the leading network of Advanced Life Support        Ambulances in India.

Ambulance Access for All
1 / 105, Moti Manzil
Parmar Guruji Marg
Parel (E), Mumbai -12
Maharastra, India

Tel : +91 22 24181299
Fax : +91 22 24188187
E-mail :