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Sequence of important events related to the NGO Council and its members








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August 4, 2005

NGO Co-ordination Committee for Flood Relief formed of Nirmala Niketan, TISS, Apnalaya, CRY, Yuvak Pratisthan, Sneha, Unicef, Times Foundation, and Karmayog

Official Press Release

Article dated August 8, 2005


To act as a clearing house to convey information from the field to MCGM and vice versa


August 11, 2005

Karmayog floated idea of an NGO Council for Mumbai and sent a detailed letter to various organisations – inviting names of committee members, convenor, objectives, etc.

Letter available


To formalise the beneficial efforts of the NGO Co-ordination Committee


August 22, 2005

Upon confirmation from the various organisations of their interest and acceptance to be a member, the NGO Council was formed.

Public Announcement of Aug 24 available


To convey formation, state objectives, invite suggestions


September 23, 2005, and September25, 2005

Comments publicly invited for points to be covered in an MoU with MCGM

Letters available


To formalise working between MCGM and NGO Council


October 5, 2005

Meeting discussed various reasons that MCGM - NGO partnerships face problems

Observations were circulated




October 11, 2005

Draft MOU made and circulated to all members. Suggestions received were incorporated.

Circulated draft available




December 12, 2005

MOU signed between MCGM and NGO Council. All members of NGO Council informed. Text of entire MOU put up for public display. Salient points circulated.

MOU / Newspaper articles available

Articles in TOI dtd. 14 Dec. & DNA dtd. 21 Dec.2005



December 17, 2005

Meeting held of NGO Council members to discuss methods of working after the signing of the MoU.

Proceedings available




December 20, 2005

NGO Council members and others invited to come forward as co-ordinators, leaders, volunteers, employees, etc.

Letter available


To invite maximum participation


January 2006

A full schedule of meetings with MCGM planned. Citizens or organisations (NGO or otherwise) requested to attend, be in the core committee, or even take charge of any group.

Meeting schedule available


To take up different issues and form focus groups for each issue


January 1, 2006

Note outlining the framework for implementing the MOU as circulated to all members at the start of the New Year.

Letter available


Setting up of processes for the NGO Council


January 30, 2006,

Guiding Principles prepared for the NGO Council interaction with MCGM and circulated


Letter available


Based on the learnings of the January round of meetings


At start of each month: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, 2006

Details of work done till date by the NGO Council circulated every month to all members


April list available


To keep NGO Council members and public informed


March, 2006

MCGM Budget Speech 2006 states that “MoU has been signed with the N.G.O. Council for co-operation and collaboration in areas to be identified jointly by the M.C.G.M. and the N.G.O.s.”



To inform and announce the benefits of the MoU.


April 25, 2006

Detailed update emailed as well as couriered to all NGO Council members.

Letter available


To convey various information to NGO Council members and invite feedback